5RTA | May 2018 Teacher Spotlight


Ray Diaz

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 2011


When I found 5Rhythms, I realized I had found my path forward to self-realization in dance, movement, energy, and awareness.

For the last 13 years, I have been an OSHO follower predominantly with respect to his Dance Meditation Practices. Seven years ago, I was in Guatemala, doing a Trance Dance Teachers Training. After one of our four-hour sessions, I mentioned to one of the fellow dancers how I wished we had something similar in New York City. She turned back to me, smiling, and asked “What, are you kidding? You guys have Gabrielle Roth.” Two weeks later, as I stepped into the Joffrey School, I had entered my Temple.

I come from the Dominican Republic, where we are born dancing, and dancing is at the core of our everyday life. And I have been practicing various forms of Conscious Movement for the last seven years. However, 5Rhythms was different; I started to find myself making music with my body. During my first workshop, I was introduced to the concept of Ritualizing my repressed feeling and emotions. I started to perceive my habitual patterns in a novel way. After that first Workshop, I had breached the point of no return.

5Rhythms has transformed me in many ways, on all levels of my being. Having spent my teens growing up in Harlem, I always wonder about how different would my life be if I had had a dance practice then -- about what it will take to teach a young person how to cry, how to dance, rather than to react destructively as an emotional release.

After living in this hardened, masculine body for most of my life, I have come into my feminine essence, which continues to evolve and grow. And my gifts continue to reveal themselves in my dance, rhythms, and conscious movement practice.

One of the greatest gifts my practice has offered me manifested last September in Mexico, where I was invited to co-teach a workshop. Teaching this workshop in my native tongue, Spanish, reawakened the young Dominican boy within me, the one who does not speak English, allowing me to tap back into my inner child’s inherent power and energy.

Dancing 5Rhythms has been a transformational pathway, an epiphany for me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. My commitment to the exploration of movement, healing and spirituality permeate my rhythm art and dance practice, and I look forward to sharing this gift and awareness with my students.


Feet First

with Ray Diaz


20 May 2018 - 20 May 2018

Joffrey Ballet School, New York




Catherine Llewellyn

United Kingdom


5Rhythms Teacher since 2010

Tribe Member since 1997


My background is eclectic. My parents were con-conformists from opposite ends of the social scale – I was immersed in a bohemian lifestyle and a philosophy of self-determination. They showed me that change is an adventure. They carried their courage and inventiveness into our experiences as children – a mix of non-standard and challenge, which fostered a love of the unknown, the yet to be explored, discovery.

The sense of wonder that my parents encouraged has stayed with me – both with life generally, and the nature of humanity specifically. We are multi-layered and full of mystery and beauty – and ever-changing, growing. This perspective led me to the Human Potential movement, and my work as a humanistic practitioner.

My first 5Rhythms experience was a seven day Tribal Heart camp in Devon with Susannah and Ya'Acov. I loved it - the deep body parts sessions, entire mornings dedicated to one rhythm, afternoons of eclectic workshops and evenings of Sweat.

I danced the rhythms on and off for the next ten years. Looking back, I see that I was engaged in an important struggle. My autonomy was vital - the space to be as I am, self-directed and free to express and dance in my own way. Belonging was vital - needing the nourishment of a tribe - and wanting to explore what happens when we are who we are together. Surrendering to the dynamic flow between these needs was my struggle.

I popped out of the other side of that with an integrated experience of autonomy, connection and community. Gabrielle talked about our need for solitude, relationship and belonging - I absolutely resonate with this - 5Rhythms is a uniquely powerful vehicle for this exploration. I felt ready to train with Gabrielle and take on the teacher mantle.

My journey since then couldn't have been predicted. Everything has changed. I love this about 5Rhythms - the unpredictability of the experience and its effect on my life and the lives of my dancers. Alchemical.

I love this work. Every class or workshop I hold is a learning space for me, and a privilege. Witnessing the dance is magical.



Pure Prayer
with Catherine Llewellyn
18 May 2018 - 20 May 2018
Dorset UK, Somerset




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