February Teacher Spotlight


Kat Pugowska

United Kingdom

Teaching since 2010

Dancing since 1998

Do you have discipline to be a free Spirit? That question has always been my inspiration in 22 years of dancing and over ten years of Teaching both Waves and Heartbeat level. However, in these precarious times, when so many things seem to be falling apart, those words have been my savours and call me to keep looking for a way into my movement and therefore Teaching, over and over again. I met 5Rhythms when I was 18 in Poland, and it never failed to challenge me, hold me and break me though. Recent months by going back to basics and shifting my attention to the feet, breathe, and the beat, I somehow can listen to my heart, over and over again, especially at times when it is so hard to move at all or see through it all. In current circumstances the practice helps me to keep peeling back layers, after layers of my conditioning so I can face the external world; move with the madness and break free of my head trips. It helps me to stay sane and encourage me to keep expanding my own understanding of freedom and connectedness.

I have been in collaboration with my partner, who is an artist and musician for few years now. By now we developed a way to merge fluidly my djing and his live beats that feels enriching and tends to bring much depth and aliveness to the holding space. He is a great follower, that helps me to lead by following in exchange. I feel like I have a second pair of eyes when we play together. Last year we held online Heartbeat level workshop from Ikaria in place of our yearly in person retreat, and also one day Trance workshop from London. For now we stick to online live music class on Fridays, and hoping to be able to run in person Heartbeat level Retreat in Ikaria, Greece in September. I look forwards to mid winter shake off one day online Trance 5Rhythms workshop with live music in February.


with Kat Pugowska

February 28, 2021

From London, UK


Lorca Simons

United Kingdom

Teaching since 2018

Dancing since 1992

“I want to feel that we can touch each other through the screen towards a new kind of intimacy. Listening with the ear of the heart, seeing with the eye of the heart, speaking from the voice of the heart through the screens that we share. Let’s find our way into this landscape of creativity and possibility together.” - Lorca 

Listening is a vehicle for true connection and feeling connected is the source for all healing. How do we reinvent connection when we find ourselves unexpectedly on the edge of the unknown? Isolated in realities stretched across landscapes of our own skin wondering how to begin again?

In these in-between spaces we have a unique opportunity for the complete reinvention of connection. Listening more deeply than ever before, unifying the field and forever returning to the power of ensemble where the spirit of creativity breathes in the beat of presence. Rocking us, soothing us, reminding us that we are not alone. We are a unified field of possibility and dream.

Live Wire is an investigation of soul through the body where we evoke a current of electric shape shifting unpredictability that is both spontaneous and mysterious. Join us in the Zoom container as we create an experience fueled by the many souls hungry for an intimate sliver of the possible.

Following our connective threads we return full face, plugging into the poetic landscape at the root and heart of our 5Rhythms practice.

In the laboratory we illuminate language, uncover gesture and free the mind through movement and theatrical investigation. We unlock the stories our bodies are longing to tell. We turn “suffering into art, our art into awareness and our awareness into action.

Listening Faces: Lab 1 Cradling Light

with Lorca Simons & Mati Vargas

February 20, 2021

From Chalford, UK

*Photo by Masayo Benoist

Deployment Online

Amelie Schweiger

From France

February 6

Flowing Courage

Lucia Horan   

From USA

February 13

Dancing Fools - Online

Andrew Holmes   

From UK

February 20

5. HOME BODY. Stillness

Irene Hernandez Sanchez

From Spain

February 20

Staccato Forgiveness

Lucia Horan   

From USA

February 27









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