I love the hum of a room full of movers, dropping into a deep vibration and riding it all the way home.

I love when our bodies find patterns of motion belonging to no-one, moving through everyone, just borrowing our hands and our heads and our feet for awhile.

I love catching a glimpse of someone’s soul I hadn’t seen before – when I find myself suddenly dancing with a warrior, a healer, a tree spirit, a bird on the wing.

I love when presence descends like grace, finding me perfectly, here, in this healthy, tender, temporary miracle, this loyal friend, this body.

5RTA | August 2017 Teacher Spotlight

Kelly Satz

I fall in love with the 5Rhythms when I had in my hands for the first time the book Maps To the Extasis. And after two years of reading, once and again, and practice without teachers or appropriate music, just for intuition ... I started my journey to NY ...

Mirjam Van Hasselt

One of the many powerful experiences I had in the years I am dancing the 5Rhythms was in California during Mirrors. I was doing repetitions (with a partner) in front of the group. Gabrielle inferred, inviting me into a repetition with her: “You’re a w...

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