Notes on Practice: Sweat Your Prayers, Dance Your Pain and Move On

Pain did not disappear so much as fade from the front of my experience. I still felt a bit of tenderness in the back, but as I released into the wave it was a far-off echo. I marveled at this. Once, I was barely able to walk I was so gimped from dancing ferociously on the first day of a three-day workshop. Somehow I hobbled into the studio on day two, unable to imagine how I could possibly move. Miraculously, as soon as the music started,

DANCE FIRST SPOTLIGHT | 5Rhythms Smartphone App!

Monday Love To Gabrielle’s 5R’s Smartphone Dream by Mark Metz as published on Conscious Dancer Good news in the World of Waves today! Gabrielle Roth would most certainly be delighted …

Notes on Practice: Sacred Places, Otherworldly Fog & Cheerful Good Byes

Otherworldly fog took over the landscape on Monday. After dropping my six-year-old son, Simon, off at camp in Dunhill, I went to the unmarked beach again. Suffering from heavy anxiety, I paused to look out over the vast beach from the top of the steep cement stairs, and the line of vision was severely blocked by the heavy white cloud.

Exploring and seeking an inspiring place to dance, I walked west, passing several beaches…

5Rhythms Workshop | Cycles with Tammy Burstein

Dear Daughters, Dear Sons, My body is an exact replica of my mother’s body — the proportion of breasts to hips, slender wrists and sturdy thighs — in miniature. She …

5RTA | August 2016 Teacher Spotlight!

Caroline Van de Ven

I am one of I think not so many teachers that never danced with Gabrielle in real life. I tried several times, but I didn´t succeed. I danced the Bone Cycles in Antwerp (Belgium) in 2009, Jonathan was there to replace his mother. I applied for Medicine D...

Atmo Lars Lindvall

Nature as the most basic and strongest influence of our wellbeing. <br><br> I grew up on a meadow, on sand dunes, close to surrounding lakes and in the forest… I also lived in cities but never, until recently, sensed that I could be rela...

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