#GivingTuesday | 5Rhythms Reach Out Challenge

  Dear Friends,   Today is #GivingTuesday, a global movement that inspires charitable giving, and we’re asking our tribe to challenge each other to dance the rhythms in inconvenient places to raise funds for 5Rhythms …

5Rhythms Tribe | December 2016 Teacher Spotlight

Jonathan Horan

In the big journey, as human beings on planet Earth we’ve been evolving through the Big Wave over tens of thousands of years. <br><br> The <b>Flowing</b> age of birth, of mother giving us this earth, is long past. <b...

Wolfgang Ortner

In 1997, Monika (my wife) did her first 5Rhythms workshop. I was at home with the kids and my thoughts and doubts, about what she was doing there. In the evening when she came home, she found a husband who was complete out of energy, because the kids chal...

Yet, we need ground to run full force into transforming the world. We find this ground by starting with our own bodies. It is essential to begin our spiritual activism …

Notes on Practice: Light & Shadow

In the current political context, and also in the context of my work, it occurs to me that the maturity of Lyrical—the full, shimmering, vibrating, sharp, vivid, spectacular, booming beauty of Lyrical has to do with stepping in to joy with full, open-eyed awareness and acceptance of all our pain and of the collective pain of the world. It is only with the integration of the shadow principles, and, too, of our own psychological shadows, that joy can fully arrive—not just the happy-because-something-went-well-joy or the I’m-going-to-look-happy-since-I’m-not-sure-how I’m-feeling-joy, it is not the innocent joy of a child either. Rather, it is the joy that has wisdom in it, joy that pushes nothing away, joy that sees from vast heights, joy that has enough space to hold all things inside it.

5Rhythms Tribe | November 2016 Teacher Spotlight

Kierra Foster-Ba

Laughing while crying; standing while falling; opening while closing… I have long been attracted to paradox and the intersection of polar opposites. This serious yet playful bent to my personality is what first attracted me to the 5Rhythms®, the work o...

Visudha de los Santos

"Into the light, into the dark, it is all the same" <br><br> Gabrielle gave us many maps within the cosmology of the 5Rhythms. One that has been particularly fascinating to me right now is the Light and Shadow map. The body, yo...

One day the shapes I was making in Chaos took me to a very dark place. I did not have a clear memory of why (even while it was happening), …

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