5RTA| May Teacher Spotlight

Jup Jansonius

My name is Jup Jansonius and I dance and teach in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’m a Waves and Heartbeat teacher and I'm deeply in love with the practice. Ever since I set foot on a 5Rhythms floor I got hooked. It is through the map of the Waves tha...

Catherine Llewellyn

My background is eclectic. My parents were con-conformists from opposite ends of the social scale. I was immersed in a bohemian lifestyle and a philosophy of self-determination. They showed me that change is an adventure. They carried their courage and in...

Looking back, I see that I was engaged in an important struggle. My autonomy was vital – the space to be as I am, self-directed and free to express and dance in my own way. Belonging was vital – needing the nourishment of a tribe – and wanting to explore what happens when we are who we are together. Surrendering to the dynamic flow between these needs was my struggle.

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