5RTA | October Teacher Spotlight

Silvija Tomcik

Dance was always for me the fastest route to that place where I feel I have lost myself enough to actually find my true nature. From teenage years, dancing was a way for me to completely surrender to something else and stop being a victim of my own though...

Bettina Rothe

Vacuum cleaner in hand I walk into “Huxley”, a meeting room at Esalen Institute in California during the lunch break of a Gabrielle Roth workshop. I am a volunteer from Berlin, Germany, just there to tidy up, not in the workshop. In the empty room her...

For me, every one of us is actually a fruit of Chaos’s creativity, a unique union of opposites. When we resist Chaos, this natural phenomenon, and when we stubbornly try to control it, we can end up destroying ourselves and those around us or driving both us and them mad. Chaos demands that we completely surrender to it, that we throw in its powerful alchemist process all that we carry on our backs, shoulders, in our hearts and hips, all that we cling to and hold so tigh

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