5Rhythms Tribe | To the Beat of the Drum We Travel On

by Irene Hernández Sánchez, Spain “To the beat of the drum we travel on Courageous we sail into the storm Singing our song and feeling strong On a voyage to …

The Moving Center NY | 13th Annual Dance Parade Float!

Joine the 5Rhythms NYC Tribe at the 13th annual Dance parade! We will be dancing our way down Broadway to the beats and guidance of Jonathan Horan and Peter Fodera on Saturday May 18th

5RTA | April Teacher Spotlight

Tammy Burstein

When I finished my 5Rhythms teacher training in 2001 Robert Ansell asked me to write, at Gabrielle’s suggestion, something about how New York City was Chaos. <br><br> I never wrote the piece. I let the request fade away. But the question ...

Heeraa Sazevich

For best results… ADD HOT WATER & STIR. My first time to Esalen was for Cycles with Jonathan in December, 2011. Combining profound dancing, moving emotions and letting it all go in those healing hot springs would forever imprint the deepest YES on m...

This inquiry is infinitely vast; I’m excited to embody this exploration, layer by layer and then soak it off. What filter are we seeing or feeling through? How might it limit us? To be free of judgment of self and others, to truly accept WHAT IS without needing it to be different, I call this freedom.

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