5Rhythms Teacher Paula McHugh (Ireland) Radio Interview

December 4, 2014

From Paula McHugh (Read more about Paula’s teachings in December’s 5RTA Teacher Spotlight too!):

Fresh off the Teacher Training after 15 hours of traveling across different time zones, I gave this interview as a part of a Mental Health Awareness Week. I was so incredibly nervous and really buzzed about getting the 5Rhythms out there and having the opportunity to talk about as many teachers as I could!!

In the middle of the interview where there is a 7 minute track from Zrazy, a local band here, we had a good dance with good friends. This was a real coincidence to have them in the room and the second part of the interview is a bit more relaxed. Forgive the nerves! Enjoy.

Please note, there is no video, just audio, on the below!

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