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September 17, 2015


Community Art.

A collaborative project gathering inspiration from our worldwide 5Rhythms tribe.  

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Community Musings.

Hear in their own words and artistic expressions

life perspectives through the lens of the 5Rhythms.

‘Performing the Riots’ The body as a site of political action & the 5Rhythms as a tool for transformation — BA Drama, Applied Theatre & Education

by Anna Gayle, Performer/ Theatre practitioner, London, United Kingdom 
Part of my intention is taking our practice to the streets and into work with vulnerable young people, those most at risk of social exclusion – those existing right at the margins of society.  Our bodies and behaviours tell the stories of our social conditioning, our belief systems, and our personal experience. In movement we embody our personal narratives, we also have the opportunity to deconstruct and re–create those identities. In the space between breath, impulse and movement, the magic happens. In the space between being, seeing and being seen – that magic is shared, witnessed, and given form. READ MORE



A Dancing Eye

creations of art

from the heart

-simplicity and healing

of the disconnect

more than photography

presence creates beauty


Dance In Peace

in loving memory of

Michael Julian Berz

who captured the soul of our dance so exquisitely with his camera


Notes from the 5RG ART Department
…5Rhythms Visual
“Make visible what, without you, might have never been seen”

1. Sense of Humor
2. Fresh Broom
3. Flask of Raindrops
4. Pair of tiny scissors
5. An eraser
There is an opening…a treasure trove of maps envisioned by Gabrielle Roth, that when released into the realm of the visual hold the possibilities of reflection of direction. These visuals can be a grounding presence, a centering clue, a mysterious sign, an inviting portal, a spacious place, like the dance, to surrender, to lay it all down for inspiration and refuge. These maps when leaping to visible move in metaphors, inhabiting that magical unpredictable place taking on a life of their own, becoming catalytic  and wonderful…Threading the soul to the body, the heart to the hands, the spirit to the feet.
My contribution to the 5Rhythms world as a mapmakers apprentice, prop mistress, wardrobe consultant, ghost writer poet and founder of 5Rhythms Visual, is to hold space for the guidelines and the spirit of collaborative magic in this rich and expanding part of the practice. Moving from the invisible now to provide
in service,
Martha Peabody Walker




Community is the next Buddha

– Thich Nhat Hahn 



The 5Rhythms community is a 21st century collective unbound by history, culture, race, religion, gender or politics. We are bound by the beat, following our feet on a dancing path to freedom. We are beat-driven, service-oriented, heart-based individuals who come together to embrace our tribal longings.


The measure of a community is its respect for 

the wisdom of its elders, 

the innocence of its children, the passion of its artists, and the hope of its healers.


We are committed to inspiring and serving these roots and wings of community.





Spoken Word Poetry by Warren Summers

Cycles, Sydney, Australia 2015


Spirit danced past my body

My body danced past your heart

Your heart danced past my future

And my future danced past my past

My past danced through the ancestors

The ancestors dance through the breath

This breath dances with the seekers, with the lovers, with the dreamers…

And the seeking is dancing with death…”  HEAR MORE



Confessions of a Free-Range Spiritualist: Dancing For My Life by Elaine Gale, Professor, California


“I’m not a yoga person or a skinny mini or even that in shape. I don’t have a guru, or mala beads or a zafu. I’m not poly or experimental, I don’t have a tantra fingernail. I’m basically a repressed sixth-generation Nebraskan with a doctorate and a tenured professor job. But I love transformational practices, I love my body, love to dance, love to feel and to connect with people. This practice brought me back into my body and into my spirit. It’s the closest practice I have ever seen to straight-up shamanism, to taking iawasca, or communing directly with the divine.”


Dance as Elicitive Motion: A Different Way to Unfold Peace, 5Rhythms as Inner Peacework

MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

By Rosalie Kubny, Dance Therapist (to-be), Austria



How does 5Rhythms Dance work as inner peace work? I started my inner and outer journey of writing a master thesis about 5Rhythms Dance with exactly this question. During my master thesis writing process, I discovered academically and quite physically the transformative potential of 5Rhythms Dance. I found that 5Rhythms Dance is inner peace work because it creates inner space for the unfolding and experience of inner peace. Inner peace is a moment of reconnection with the self – an inner healing. Regarding the context of peace and conflict studies, which I did my masters degree in, you have to start to go on an inner journey of healing and transforming conflict within yourself first, before you can contribute to conflict transformation in the outside. Or as Roth (2004) said: “Whether the war is in your head, between your legs, or between heads of state, to create peace you have to be at peace – within yourself.“


I chose to write about and to practice 5Rhythms Dance because it is a method that makes me visible here on earth. 5Rhythms Dance is a method that guides me to a moment of stillness. Every time. With that, there is always a new beginning. READ MORE




I feel guilty when I miss Flowing.  It’s like abruptly jumping into a conversation when you don’t know what the conversing people are talking about.  The idea that the ground of Flowing is what keeps us all safe is a teaching I have heard many, many times.  When I feel pulled out of Flowing and into Staccato, I often try to delay it, feeling like it is my responsibility to thoroughly attend to Flowing before I even think about moving with the vigor and exuberance I ache for.


Not only did I arrive late, but I was working with this terrible pinch.  I have had pinches before, and I know that they usually dissolve after a short time, but I did have one that hung on and hung on.  Miraculously, the pinch eased and I stood up on the dance floor. The room was fully in Staccato, and filled with friends who I was eager to dance with.


I imagine that my dance looked like Staccato; and I was in sync with the people around me, but privately I was in Flowing.  I softened myself as much as I could, avoiding the emphatic collisions between adjacent muscles that I so love, and kept my mind on the sensation of my feet touching the floor as much as I attended to my smiling partners.  In part, I was afraid to experiment with any tightness or edges inside my body because I did not want to re-engage the unpleasant nerve pinch.


As so often happens in dance and in life, the obstacle of the pinch showed me something new….READ MORE





For the benefit of all beings, through horses.



Gabrielle Roth’s system of 5 Basic Rhythms is designed for dancers, but can be adapted to working with a horse—your dance partner!

The brain and body love movement. They love rhythm, and sound. They love drums, and hoofbeats, and deep breathing. Your body and mind crave that connection to what is most natural to us when we are feeling safe and secure…when we are protected from that which seeks to do us harm. This is why herd animals feel safe in a herd. If there is danger or conflict amongst them, it typically ends quickly. Far more quickly than it does for humans, because they do not separate themselves from that connection to others, and to nature, whereas, we do. We want to run off, not talk to anyone, not share our feelings, or stuff them down inside until they emerge in a way that causes us to react unfavorably, then we begin the cycle of negativity all over again. We need to find ways to make that reconnection to the deep, tender, yet brave part of our own soul that is our true identity in the world….READ MORE



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