5RTA May Spotlight: Meet our 5Rhythms Teachers in Training!

May 8, 2014

Dear Dancing Feet,

It is with great honor we release these 103 beautiful teachings out into the world to begin their 5Rhythms Waves Teacher Training Practice Classes.

Our Teachers-in-Training are halfway through their training program year and returning home to 27 countries where they will begin to hold space.

Look for them locally as they begin to move every body and practice teaching the 5Rhythms WavesTM Map. Stepping onto their dancefloors with your curious and loving feet will help to develop their teachings and support all of our deeper journeys on the dancing path!


5RG Training Circle
Jonathan, Tammy, Silvija, Erik, Peter, Robert, Lucia, Marc, Alain, Jan,
Annette, Kierra, Julia, Margaret, Karyn, Mark, Thierry, Eugene, Edo,
Zdenka, Sarah, Francis,Visudha, Doug, Nancy, Karen, Jilsarah, Bob, Andi,
Jane, Maja, Dagmar, Damjan, Lucija, Amber, Arthur, Chelsea & Morgan

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