August 2013 5RTA Spotlight: Devi Prem, Germany

July 31, 2013

Devi Prem


5Rhythms Teacher since 2011, Tribe Member since 1998

5Rhythms is my salvation, that which helps me to feel alive, to get in touch with that deep source within, that intuitive instinctive self. Ultimately, stillness is all we are. On the way there it is a rocky vulnerable juicy road. Gabrielle has taught me to be all of it, to keep shape shifting. It is all energy. On the 5Rhythms dance floor we get to practice enlightenment in action, being in touch with that deep still source within while shifting from one state of being into the next, from one rhythm into the next, experiencing the all connecting web.

In my upcoming workshop we will explore our soul’s calling, listen deeply and take our forgotten dreams into the dance so that they may manifest.

Additionally, to classes and workshops I offer one-on-sessions for how to establish a home practice and how to take the dance into a daily sitting meditation practice. This is often personal according to the individual life-style. I also offer somatic coaching sessions and energy clearings to work on topics that have come up during the practice.


Heartfelt Surrender – Back to Source

with Devi Prem

August 9-10, 2013

Hamburg, Germany


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