Connections back in print!

May 15, 2014

“Movement kicks ass. When you truly surrender to your own rhythm you look so cool, so mysterious, so seductive– the way you deep down really want to look but don’t trust that you do.

I don’t think life has any particular meaning beyond our experience of it, and the afterlife is like an afterthought –it comes a bit late. The time to get into your groove is right now. And the way to do it is to get comfortable in the mystery, calm in the dark, centered in the chaos, connected to the unified field and committed to fulfilling your destiny. Being true to the signs and signals that come from within, learning to distinguish between those that come from the soul and those that come from the ego, is our holy work, work that will make us whole. People can do a lot of things for us, but this one thing only we can do for ourselves.

Intuition is your passport to this unseen magical world which has five realms. In each of these realms you can make an offering. Offer your body to the realm of mystery and receive the gift of instinct. Offer your heart to the realm of darkness and receive the gift of intimacy. Offer your mind to realm of chaos and receive the gift of intention. Offer your soul to the realm of unity and receive the gift of integrity. Offer your spirit to the realm of destiny and receive the gift of inspiration.

Your challenge will be to keep a wary eye out for your ego, which wants to ensnare you in its own web of self-importance. In the realm of mystery, it will try to define you. In the realm of darkness it will try to hide you. In the realm of chaos, it will try to diminish you. In the realm of unity, it will try to separate you. In the realm of destiny, it will try to sabotage you. The ego is all about controlling and fixing so you aren’t free to move, to change or to grow. To dance your dreams, you need to trust your intuition, for your intuition feeds your soul, and your soul is the most essential part of you.

Intuition is a spiritual force, the force that guides and moves you along your spiritual path. It’s when our feet, our hands, our breath, our belly are all in service to the Great Spirit. Only when we fully embrace our intuitive intelligence will our souls be liberated to fulfill their destiny.”

~Gabrielle Roth, Connections, Threads of Intuitive Wisdom

Connections is now in print again! Click here to purchase the soft cover or digital download

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