Conscious Dancer Magazine Podcast with Mark Metz & Jonathan Horan

February 17, 2015

Thank you Conscious Dancer Magazine and Dance First Association Founder Mark Metz for inviting me on your podcast for this inquiry into 5Rhythms: The Dancing Path.

Born dancing at Esalen, and tasked with carrying the torch of 5Rhythms after the passing of his mother Gabrielle Roth, Jonathan describes his early journey and what it’s like to sit at the helm of arguably the world’s most influential conscious dance modality. This is a rare opportunity to hear stories from the heart of the 5Rhythms tribe.

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“Once you get out of the way, the way becomes you and you become the way.” G. Roth

The Dancing Path is a call to surrender to the mystery. It is a path that does not exist yet and it is yours and yours alone to dance.

Your path is forged where your feet kiss the earth time and time again, it is your practice.
The earth gives way to your dance, a trail to your deepest wounds, your deepest truths, your deepest creations.
The 5Rhythms is the map and there is nowhere specific to go. You create your own direction, your own destination and your own destiny.

You become your moving center.
You become your route to your root.
You become your healing.
You become your deepest teaching.
You become the way.

Your path reveals where your feet have danced.
Where your body has been.
Where your heart has felt.
Where your mind has known.
Where your soul has seen.
and where your spirit has healed.

The dancing path of the wounded healer, a healer that has become a guide for the wounded to forge their own path of healing.


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