Glimpses of Solo Installations by participants of 2013 Teacher Training

September 4, 2015

“Make visible what, without you,
might have never been seen”

Photos by Peter Fodera

1. Sense of Humor
2. Fresh Broom
3. Flask of Raindrops
4. Pair of tiny scissors
5. An eraser

There is an opening…a treasure trove of maps envisioned by Gabrielle Roth, that when released into the realm of the visual hold the possibilities of reflection of direction. These visuals can be a grounding presence, a centering clue, a mysterious sign, an inviting portal, a spacious place, like the dance, to surrender, to lay it all down for inspiration and refuge. These maps when leaping to visible move in metaphors, inhabiting that magical unpredictable place taking on a life of their own, becoming catalytic and wonderful…Threading the soul to the body, the heart to the hands, the spirit to the feet.

My contribution to the 5Rhythms world as a mapmakers apprentice, prop mistress, wardrobe consultant,
ghost writer poet and founder of 5Rhythms Visual, is to hold space for the guidelines and the spirit of
collaborative magic in this rich and expanding part of the practice. Moving from the invisible now to
provide IN SIGHT.

in service,
Martha Peabody Walker

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