Moving with terror – A unified wave for humanity

November 14, 2015

We cannot change what happened overnight in Paris. We can choose how we move with it.

This emotional terror is riding its wave through all of us today. I see it in the news reports, in my facebook feed, in the conversations with those around me.

I see Fear — Can I go outside? Is it safe? My flow has disappeared. I am inert. I am stuck in place. Watching the horror news stories on TV, scared to go to a restaurant. What small movements can I make in my body to be with this fear, but not allow it to consume me…to anchor me down in my frozen body?

I see Anger — How can we let these murders continue on? Lets finally kill ISIS once and for all. My clarity is filled with tense orders of revenge. Of more death for the dead. Where can I soften this tension in my body? Find direction, a clear path for my anger that is expressive, defined, feeding the creative and not only the destructive, being aware that holding this anger too tightly in my body could only serve to harm myself. Give space to feel this staccato anger, yet not let it take me over completely.

I see Sadness — A grief so deep for innocent lives, praying for the families of those who have breathed their last breath in this body in this lifetime. I am confused. Why take the innocent simply enjoying their Friday evenings? Can I keep moving and let go and let myself cry in this grief and not think my way through it. Move, and release these tears that are bubbling up inside of me, give them space to flow freely and uncontrolled, convulse, shatter, break down, let go of everything and anything that comes up in a truly chaotic dance that expresses it all at once.

Move these three emotions over and over again, cycle through them in your dance today until your body arrives on the other side.

Where is the Joy in this wave of terror? That while I would always wish this didn’t happen, that the innocent lives could have woken up this morning alongside us, they have sacrificed themselves to crack open the door of unity of humanity. Rare are the times when the people of our world come together holding one thing in our hearts in unison. It is an effortlessness that holds our unity today. Not forced, we are not trying to be unified, it is just simply arising with each breath in our being. Our thoughts, prayers and actions all beaming towards Paris, beat after beat.

And in this unified field, we find a place of Compassion for all, even for those who brought this destructive energy into our dark night. We cannot change what they have done, yet we can hold deep in our loving hearts the possibility for others walking their path to change direction at any time, simply show them that there is a choice for a new destination, a new destiny. We are not fixed human beings. We are bodies in motion, fluidly shifting and changing with every single beat of our hearts.

I have hope in our humanity and I will not be complacent with terror cementing my feet to this ground. I can take one step, and another, and a next, dancing my wave of terror. Moving through the map, my guide to healing this wound that we all share together on this day. We are ONE.

“Even if a unity of faith is not possible. A unity of love is.” ~Hans Urs van Balthasar

A shamanic prescription for our tribe today: A unified 5Rhythms Heartbeat Wave for all.

Love, Jonathan_ALL_icons

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