Our teacher training team shares the experience of our new beginnings this year

October 13, 2013

Words from our teacher training team.

For me this Teacher Training has been a real full “360 degree” learning experience. I have been learning by teaching and learning by being a student to other teachers — all teaching in such a different style and whose teachers were my teachers. Learning by holding space, learning by witnessing, learning by giving and receiving feedback. Learning by being and doing. I felt the power of this tribe of teachers, coming together in this way to be in service and I felt the power of this tribe of trainees coming together to learn to be in service. To give back what they have received, as we were giving them back what we have received. Love, Silvija

2014 teacher training – sensations, emotions, images … sometimes leading, sometimes following – living in service. For me the first module experience was all about the flow, all about the circle, all about the fluid changing of roles and rhythms while being thoroughly plugged into the root of the 5Rhythms – from Gabrielle’s beginnings – her journey, teachings and spirit – to the now – a new group of tender, vulnerable, loving, excited!, inquisitive trainees stepping into the mystery as well as the method. Our 10 days in residence was a time of deep teaching and deep learning as every teacher in the room (whether we were leading, assisting, or holding space) offered up aspects of the practice from our soles and our hearts, inspiring, instructing and imprinting both our knowledge and our passion, not only on and to the “teachers to be”, but on and to each other. We were all each other’s students, and the beautiful field of humble sharing that was created through our connections is something that I will never forget, something that informs and ignites me every day. There is truly nothing like the grace of going back to beginner’s feet, moving in a field of curiosity, and dancing our way through to love. with love, Tammy

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