We soar

October 21, 2014

we soar.

Dear Dancing Feet,Today marks two years & hundreds of thousands of dances in spirit around the world with our founder Gabrielle Roth.A few weeks ago we began the third module of our teacher training program in service to Gabrielle's 5Rhythms Reach Out, with my beloved partner Morgan Rae creating the opportunities for our 103 trainees to volunteer at 24 assisted living & elder home centers, afterschool programs, rehabilitation facilities, and refugee aid organizations in Salt Lake City, Utah.Gabrielle began her investigation of the 5Rhythms Maps in service to children and elders, and we are dedicated to honoring and returning to this mission in our training program and as 5Rhythms teachers in our corners of the world. If you feel called today to honor the life and spirit of Gabrielle Roth, you can help keep her 5Rhythms Reach Out dream moving by making a donation here: http://www.5rhythms.com/who-we-are/5rhythms-reach-out/We finished our training year together atop the Stillness of the snowcapped Utah mountain, marking endings and beginnings with the release of Gabrielle's ashes to the wind.It was here that over 20 years ago I nearly lost my leg — a divine intervention that showed me what it would be like to be unable to move in this body, seeing and feeling this suffering and transforming it into the art of the wounded healer, the beginning of my personal journey as a 5Rhythms teacher. I bow in gratitude for the dedication of our newly Accredited 5Rhythms teachers, spanning half a century in age from youngest to oldest and from 27 countries, along with my training team of 42 teachers, that have together begun forging the path of Gabrielle's 500 year map for 5Rhythms. These souls surrendered to the mystery, walked the edge, and followed feet first in support of the chaotic creation that has birthed 5Rhythms Global to hold the continuity of the 5Rhythms body of work. I am honored to stand in service in my place beside them in our 5RTA circle, as wounded healers to the bodies on this earth. ((http://www.5rhythms.com/waves-circle/))On this day and for this lifetime, join me in a dance of wounds, this blessing of imperfections, of edge-seeking, of turning suffering into art, art into awareness and awareness into action. In loving memory of my sweet mother and her gift of the 5Rhythms maps & mission of service to guide our way, we Dance In Peace. Blessings,Jonathan

Posted by Gabrielle Roth, 5Rhythms on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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