Sweat Your Prayers (soft and hard cover)

December 4, 2012

Sweat Your Prayers is an expedition through the 5Rhythms™. Most of my life has been spent on dance floors, watching the beat strip people down to their naked souls. The rest of my time I”ve spent searching for a language to describe what I see. Writing this book was a deep and powerful experience for me. I found my voice. And in my voice, I found the rhythms and patterns, waves and cycles, repetitions and breakthroughs that carried me across the pages into the heart of my work, the landscape of the 5Rhythms™. Each rhythm is a state of being; an outrageous world of deep inner teachings as well as an extraordinary map to the creative process. Sweat Your Prayers is the foundation of the practice: how to harness the raw power of rhythm into a movement practice, a path of self-realization.

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