May Teacher Spotlight


Mark Austin

United Kingdom

Teaching since 2018

Dancing since 2008

In December 2008, I heard about a local dance with “no alcohol, no drugs and bare feet”. Intrigued, I called the organiser. Would it be OK if my only recent dance experience was as an embarrassing uncle at a wedding? She replied “That’s perfect, you’ll love it!

Fortunately she was right! Lying soaking in my own sweat at the end of that first 5Rhythms wave, I felt like I’d come home. I realise now that the feeling was about coming home to my own body.

5Rhythms soon became an integral part of my life. It helped me to transform my personal relationships, improve my physical and emotional health, and allowed me to rediscover connection with a spirit that I’d somehow lost on the way. During those years I didn’t feel called to be a 5Rhythms teacher. The more I learned, the more I realised how little I knew.

I joined the teacher training more to go deeper into my personal practice than to teach. So, after completing the training in 2018 with Jonathan, I am more surprised than anyone to find myself offering classes in the North of England and really enjoying it!

I try to bring 5Rhythms to community spaces where people have been dancing and performing for generations, leaving echoes of that energy in the walls and floor. Dance spaces like these humble me and give me goosebumps whenever I enter the room to set up before class.

In England we’ll be able to start 5Rhythms in person again this month. I’ll begin a series of classes with a theme of COMMUNITY back in Manchester, my home town.

Next will be OCEAN OF POSSIBILITIES in Hebden Bridge. This workshop will provide tools to support dancers with the transition from global chaos into whatever remains.

If you can’t dance with us in person in the North of England but would like to join us, you can connect with us online from 28 May. We’ll stream a Friday series of OPENING UP classes from the Black-e, an iconic Liverpool dance space with soulful Liverpool dancers.


with Mark Austin

May 21-22, 2021

From Hebden Bridge, UK


Bella Dreizler


Teaching since 2008

Dancing since 2001

Twenty years ago 5Rhythms practice ripped me from a comfortable mid-life, planted my feet deep enough to root out embedded fear and re-purposed the fire of old anger. It let my tears go viral. I downed this medicine willingly, created huge life shifts, never looked back. Sacramento community offerings are an ongoing expression of love for this practice and gratitude for my release. Inspiration comes straight from students, life flowing through and around me, my own dance. Fifty years of physical therapy practice wields big influence. Sessions tend toward the uncomplicated basic. Weight, sensation, fluidity. Clarity, pulse, feelings. Shake out and surrender. Repeat. A journey toward wholeness begins in the bones, spirals through the heart, harnesses meandering mind. Each class is a welcome mat for the organic emergence of soul and spirit. Space that invites, honors, bows to the mystery.

In addition to 5Rhythms practice, I offer sessions integrating the freedom of dance with the discipline of the mat. A unique yoga-inspired practice, infused with physical therapy wisdom. Rollers, balls, bhandas, breath, stretches. Dancers learning self-care; yogis breaking from the confines of the mat. All of us feeling the bridge between breath & power & release, enhancing possibility for full vibrant expression. After all this time I have no doubt: embodied physical practice in the context of a shamanic 5Rhythms wave delivers. Must be present to win.

Erik Iversen


Teaching since 1987

Dancing since 1981

It was 1981, one year after 4 weeks in intensive care when I first entered Gabrielle's arena. Feeling at home like I was weaving in and out on a hockey rink/dance floor I fell in love with this laboratory of body, heart and spirit. There was no puck to chase. I could change teams every moment. And no one was trying to hurt me. My sports skills of multi dimensional awareness maximised my fun of exploring space in a safe way.

I danced like I was skating or I skated like I was dancing. The permission I felt to be me around people, especially women after a lifetime with men at all boys schools and another lifetime with men on the rink playing hockey, nourished my soul. After my first 15 years dancing distracted {making up for lost years when there were no women in my life }, I finally woke up to feeling my aching [mis]aligned body. Forty years from that first experience with Gabrielle I celebrate each experience knowing I can shape-shift at any moment. Soaring with presence I walk to dance with the birds on the forest dance floor. Today I feel the hockey player, the structural bodyworker, the parent, the dancer, the husband and the coach integrated; and I'm excited to share.

Unbound: From Lockdown to Freedom

with Bella Dreizler & Erik Iversen

May 8, 2021

Online from Sacramento, CA









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