November Teacher Spotlight


Christine Riemer


Teaching since 2018

Dancing since 1998

I discovered my love of dance when I moved to a foreign city alone at the age of 19. What I first discovered was ballroom dance and I was taught by tournament dancers: What do I want to express, how do I bring it from the inside out? What is the message and essence of the particular dances? I loved to explore this.

Then there was that special evening, where 5Rhythms dance was offered as an event at University. I went there enthusiastic about dancing. I went out with the feeling that something had come alive inside me. I was magically attracted by this. My first 5Rhythms teacher David Rose accompanied me with his fine perception to go deeper and deeper into my dance and to discover the 5Rhythms as tools for me.

Since then, I have danced the bright moments of life and also the dark sides: the fatal illness of a close relative, an experience of narcosis that traumatised me, the loss of existential safety due to a loss of job... The confidence to be able to follow my body, that there is something that carries me, helps me, provides me with information, strength and resources was always there. Nowadays it is my feeling to have an ally in dance and movement.

My decision to become a 5Rhythms teacher grew in me after almost 20 years of dancing. Until then I have enjoyed 5Rhythms just as a resource for myself. This long period of growing and becoming an adult accompanied by the 5Rhythms has made them a part of me. This is what I can rely on as a teacher.

It has always been a heart's desire for me to address special target groups with the 5Rhythms. As a social worker and a therapist I have succeeded in joining a support program for employees. I am very happy to offer a 5Rhythms Waves workshop, which is supported by government as a special vacation for employees.

"Sound and silence - life force from the center" seems to me to be an important topic especially in the current time, in the personal as well as in the professional realms.


with Christine Riemer

November 2-6, 2020

Bochum, Germany


Sarena Wolfaard


Teaching since 2004

Dancing since 2000

I had my first dive into dance in front of the old stereo in our living room as a 4-year old to classical music, conducting and embodying how the music felt inside my body. My next memory of dance as a delicious experience was with a black woman in our kitchen in South Africa to township jazz. It was exhilarating for my body moving around without the usual white adult concerned look. Dance disappeared from my life in a country where Apartheid and the church crushed all freedom from the body until I rediscovered it in my early twenties - dancing, sex and drugs - oh the necessary evils! In my thirties in Cape Town at the annual company Christmas get together, I got the name ‘the whitey that can dance’. Little did I know that emigrating to Edinburgh would be my path into deep dance in ways I could never imagine.

My first 5Rhythms class was with Barbara (Iona) in Edinburgh. I had no idea what to expect, I loved the music, but I was overwhelmed – people seemed to know each other well, each doing their own unique thing without holding back. This way of dancing was a new language for me…what the heck! I didn’t return until 3 months later – my shyness held me back, I was definitely not out there on the dance floor. Gabrielle’s words to me during my teacher training were, ‘why are you hiding?’. I am still dancing that inquiry in many ways, shapes, and pauses. It has been a journey of self-discovery, running away and returning, often just knowing the beat will hold me when I can’t do that.

I met Gabrielle in London at a massive dance event. I hovered in a corner, but her voice held me captive in the beat and in my body. I was inspired and enthralled by, and adored this beautiful woman on the stage, and scared witless by her at the same time. She was the all-knowing, a goddess that could see into my soul. Now, after years of dancing, teaching and exploring my deeper psyche I know she had travelled to places I had yet to discover. By entering the dance with care and determination when I teach, Gabrielle is always right behind me. I can feel into my creative edges, knowing that those I am dancing with are equally challenged by their creative edges. It has been and still is my mission to tap into the creative dreaming in the dance – to discover our whole self, to live this authentic self that the world needs. This is how we change, not just ourselves and our relationships, but the world. 

Dropping into our creativity with the dance and other art forms give us the opportunity to get to know new facets of ourselves. In the workshop Drawn to Dance, which I co-teach with the artist, Jenny Smith, we combine dance with paper cut outs and body paint.


with Sarena Wolfaard

November 21, 2020

From Edinburgh, Scotland


Carolina Maria Rudas Gomez

From Colombia

November 1









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