5RTA May 2024 Spotlight

May 3, 2024

Let the water wash over you in the Rhythms of Chaos. Andrew Holmes is offering Holy Actor around the globe, Kat Pukowska invites you to Dive Into the Unknown Waters …

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5RTA April 2024 Spotlight

April 2, 2024

Within the context of the 5Rhythms practice, Staccato resonates deeply with the elemental force of fire. Much like fire, Staccato embodies intensity, passion, and vitality, igniting a deep desire for …

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5RTA March 2024 Spotlight

March 31, 2024

March Spotlight 2024 is on Flowing with the element of earth. Connecting with the earth brings us to life, harmonizing our internal rhythms and feeling our needs. Find the following …

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5RTA February 2024 Spotlight

March 17, 2024

Honoring the anniversary of Gabrielle Roth’s birthday, MarthaPeabody in New Jersey, Sayrah Garrison in New Jersey and HeeraaSazevich in Utah. Click here to view the February Spotlight newsletter archive.

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5RTA January 2024 Spotlight

January 23, 2024

Welcome 2024 and welcome to the latest Teachers in Training from around the world, who are offering Sweats for their community starting this month. Also, Jonathan Horan is offering God, …

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5RTA December 2023 Spotlight

December 20, 2023

May you be inspired by Hannah Loewenthal in South Africa, whose heart for the community is astounding. And Ann Kite who makes visions come to life for students and teachers …

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