5RTA | March Teacher Spotlight

Evangelos Diavolitsis

The 5Rhythms have positively shaped my life in immeasurable ways. Through this practice, I have learned how to turn greed into generosity, hatred into love, confusion into clarity and boredom into opportunity. When I started the practice 20 years a...

Olivia Palmer

My parents tell me I started dancing pretty much when I started to walk. I continued, took classes, was in some performances and then at 21, left London, my family, my birth country, my classes and went searching for peace and love in another country, cul...

Notes on Practice: The Last Dance

“I’m going to share something with you. Almost exactly twelve years ago, I lost my wife.” He shares that this tragedy is what compelled him to step over the line into 5Rhythms. He goes on to say, “Hold nothing back. Just give it all you’ve got,” and “I invite you to dance, too, with those who are no longer with us.”

5RTA | February Teacher Spotlight

Peter Fodera

PETER: I was half a century old when I discovered the 5Rhythms at the turn of the century. While life had already bestowed so many blessings on me, there was still something missing. The moment that I stepped into the dance I discovered that missing el...

Christian de Sousa

Conscious Dance. What a great phrase! It says a lot: dance and you will become conscious… But what does that mean and how does it work?? I had a recent chance encounter with some Russian dolls (you know the ones which fit inside each other?) The b...

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires | January 2018

REVEAL by David Juriansz, DANCE YOUR ABILITY by Shauna Devlin, IMMERSION submitted by Sadaf (Cici) Lotfalian, DANCING THE QUESTIONS by Jeannie Dougherty, EXHIBITION by Photographer Nels Lemminger, Sole to Soul by Nilaya Sabnis, RHYTHM PANTS by Glorka

Raven Recording | New Album! REVEAL by David Juriansz & Terrafunka

by David Juriansz There is a dance only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true. Are you willing to listen with fascination? …

5RTA | Meet Our Trainees

The Dancing Path

A call to surrender to the mystery. A path that does not exist yet and it is yours and yours alone to dance.

Your path is forged where you practice, where your feet kiss the earth time and time again.

The earth gives way to your dance, a trail to your deepest wounds, your deepest truths, your deepest creations….

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