5RTA September 2023 Spotlight

September 2023 Spotlight is on the topic of Changes in Chaos and features long-time teacher from Los Angeles, Jo Cobbett and dynamic teacher Ambu Lencioni from Tuscany, Italy. Click here to view …

5RTA August 2023 Spotlight

August Spotlight, 2023 features the theme of honesty in Staccato with teachers Clay Henley from Illinois, US, Emma Leech from London UK and Joanna Hussakowska from Poland and Canary Islands. …

5RTA July 2023 Spotlight

July Spotlight 2023 focuses on Gratitude in Flowing and features Tata Lebanidze in Mexico and New York, Sietske Venema in the Netherlands and Bella Dreizler in California, US. Click here …

5RTA June 2023 Spotlight

June Spotlight celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride featuring Bradley Starkey who offers classes in Canterbury, UK and Karen Chapman bringing 5Rhythms to Asheville, NC in the US. God, Sex and the Body …

5RTA May 2023 Spotlight

May 2023 Spotlight is about Tender Presence and features Elisa Hollenberg of Toronto, Canada, Laura Martin-Eagle of Kansas, US, and Natalie Poole of Australia offering in Belgium. Also, Alex Mackay is offering God, Sex & the Body in Hungary. Click here to view the 2023 May Spotlight newsletter archive.

5RTA April 2023 Spotlight

April 2023 features writings from teacher Joyleen Rao from Geneva, Switzerland offering “Corpo Santo,”and Megan Kelly from Pennsylvania, United States offering “Transformation.” Our topic is on body integrity and how …

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