5RTA May 2023 Spotlight

May 2023 Spotlight is about Tender Presence and features Elisa Hollenberg of Toronto, Canada, Laura Martin-Eagle of Kansas, US, and Natalie Poole of Australia offering in Belgium. Also, Alex Mackay is offering God, Sex & the Body in Hungary. Click here to view the 2023 May Spotlight newsletter archive.

5RTA April 2023 Spotlight

April 2023 features writings from teacher Joyleen Rao from Geneva, Switzerland offering “Corpo Santo,”and Megan Kelly from Pennsylvania, United States offering “Transformation.” Our topic is on body integrity and how …

5RTA March 2023 Spotlight

March 2023 features editorials on grace, balance and a joyful attitude. Featuring Bernadette Ryder, Susan Stephan and Randa Aburayyan from Wales, Berlin and Amman. Also an announcement from teacher training …

5RTA February 2023 Spotlight

February 2023 Spotlight includes offerings from couples who are teachers, and teachers who are couples. Focus on Love from Samantha Lane and Jeffrey Boynton in Virginia, US, Allessandro Moruzzi and …

5RTA January 2023 Spotlight

January 2023 Spotlight is a special feature on Cycles workshops, introducing Peter Fodder’s premier Cycles offering. Also featured are Tammy Burstein and Jonathan Horan, the three of whom exclusively offer …

5RTA December 2022 Spotlight

December 2022 Spotlight focuses on Sacred Space and features offerings from Jason Rowe and Emma Leach in London, Ajay Rajani, also in London and Sylvie Minot from California with an …

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