5RTA | September Teacher Spotlight

Sylvie Minot

I come from a lineage of warriors and healers from Laos, Vietnam and France. They are in my cells, my DNA, and my dance. We were told my grandfather was a French soldier in love with a young Vietnamese woman, my grandmother. My father was a Laotian...

Marc Silvestre

Let’s be clear: I am not perfect. Who is? Evolution is a never-ending process and this is for me exactly the heart of 5Rhythms dance. On one side, the dance floor is this amazing arena, where the facets of who we are appear and get dealt with by the inc...

5RTA | August Teacher Spotlight

Thierry Francois

My journey with the 5Rhythms continues, evolves, moves, transforms, and tames myself. I feel that my understanding of it has grown. It takes time as it takes time in deep practices. I loved watching, feeling, listening to Gabrielle speak about t...

Vehllia Tranne

<b>VEHLLIA: </b> My discovery of 5Rhythms was at the lowest point of my life. Broken and wounded on the inside, empty, bored and superficial on the outside. Born in Java, lived in Vietnam, traveled like a jet-setter, just to distract myself...

Notes On Practice | Grass Roots

Just keep practicing, I told myself. If I practice with devotion, if I am relentless in interrogating the stories that limit me, and if I stay connected to raw, unfiltered presence, things will shift radically and this foot pain won’t be such a big deal. Some days, I winced through every step, but still managed to find freedom and inspiration. I even saw the pain as helpful, in that it brought me right into my feet and into the body.

After the “Elemental” workshop in April, my feet got still worse. It would have been difficult to spot, as I still swooped and soared, but I knew I had to seek help, not just hope that enlightenment would eventually free me. A friend suggested I visit an orthopedic doctor who specializes in working with extreme athletes.

5RTA | July Teacher Spotlight

Sara Cereghetti

My heart was empty and lost, my body still in shock and shaking for the absolute absence of logic in the painful and toxic relationship I was gently leaving behind. Seven years ago, winter time. The perspicacity of a soul friend brought me to my first 5Rh...

Irene Hernandez Sanchez

I feel so grateful that I found the Rhythms early (I was 21), through my mum!! They have become my navigation map. My GPS to go through all the challenges of being alive. This decade has been full on for me, changes, losses, ups, downs, contracti...

5RTA | June Teacher Spotlight

Katarzyna Kat Pugowska

As I prepare to teach today I sit with a rather humbling question: why do I dance the 5Rhythms? Slowly, I am reminded how, through this practice, I have been able to awaken the perceptive skills of feeling and sensing - never stopping to call myself back ...

Kate Shela

“I am a renegade, Out for the truth”. Kate Tempest. I dwell in the outside verges and bring them back into the main stream. At 22, Gabrielle was a sign post on that illuminating bright dark path. She was the first adult I had met tha...

Notes on Practice: Alive! Alive! Alive!

I started in a squat, deep in the hips, stretching the inner thighs, feet and calves, rotating and staying low. I soon found my way to the ground, where I continued to stretch and coil, rolling over the fronts of my shoulders, the back of my head, and through the hips, moving from my stomach to my back over and over in a wide circle. Staccato arrived more quickly than I expected, and…

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