5Rhythms | The Moving Center 2017 Workshop Schedule

    “Shed the past, forget the future, and fall into the moment feet first.”   — Gabrielle Roth       Dear Dancing Feet,   Gabrielle’s words — wise …

5Rhythms Tribe | February 2017 Teacher Spotlight

Amber Ryan

There is an inspiring conscious festival culture flourishing on the planet — gatherings that seek to elevate the human spirit en mass. These are collaborative experiences between artists, musicians, transformative movement modalities, and progressive ec...

Mark Bonder

I fell into the 5Rhythms practice quite by accident. I was out at Esalen, in Big Sur CA, in October of 2000 for a workshop in Overtone Singing. I’d been practicing Yoga for about a year at that point, so I’d intended to get up for the 7:30am class bef...

Notes on Practice: Love Letter to Flowing

At that moment, Tammy’s entire orientation changed. She got lower, literally, and some kind of fussiness, some kind of complexity in her gestures disappeared. It was a deeper bass, an ear to the ground to hear the rumble of approaching animals, a full acknowledgment of weight and its activation in momentum. The shift was both visible and palpable; and I felt blessed to be available to receive the lesson.

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires | January 2017 contributions:
THE RHYTHMS OF BIRTH by Brenda Cohen Sabban, Argentina | CHAOS & CONNECTION by Julie DoBias, Virginia, USA | HEART, LEADERSHIP and VISION: APPLYING 5Rhythms in BUSINESS by Cass Donnelly, Australia | A POSTCARD FROM THE ECHOES OF OUR DANCE TOGETHER by Stuart Phillips, United Kingdom

5Rhythms Tribe | REUNION

IN-HOME PRACTICE TRACK LIVE DRUMMING with Sanga of the Valley & Robert Ansell Medicine Dance, Garrison Institute, NY, 2016 “Reunion with Sanga was heaven and hell for me. Heaven – …

5Rhythms Tribe | Dance Poetry

A postcard from the echoes of our dance together… by Stuart Phillips London, United Kingdom · London, United Kingdom Attached I scream in fear of being abandoned, Trapped I yearn …

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