5RTA | March 2020 Spotlight

Dag Danser, De Nederlandse vertaling van de 5Rhythms website is klaar! Ontdek nu in je eigen taal alles over deze bewegingsmeditatie. Nooit eerder was het zo makkelijk om informatie over 5Ritmes en Gabrielle Roth binnen bereik te hebben. Ga zitten, bekijk de website (het best te zien op een groot scherm) en laat je inspireren voor je danspad:

5RTA | February Teacher Spotlight

Suzie Craddock

My first 5Rhythms workshop was over 20 years ago in Switzerland with a well-known 5Rhythms teacher. I was a bundle of nerves going onto that dance floor as I felt so vulnerable following an unexpected life changing tumultuous divorce. I was at a crossroad...

Berit Hague

I read Gabrielle`s first book when it came to Sweden in 1990, and I knew I had found my way of dancing. However, there were no teachers in Sweden at that time, and it was not until 1998 I could start to practice the dance – going abroad to attend worksh...

5RTA | Join our Teachers in Training

2020 births a new circle of practiced 5Rhythms Teachers-in-Training onto a dance floor near you. Halfway through their training program year, follow your feet to their beginning offerings of 5Rhythms classes locally.

5RTA | January Teacher Spotlight

Julia Wolfermann

I tapped into the 5Rhythms when my dear friend Dagmar, who is at this point of time dancing with Gabrielle in the more subtle realms, visited me in Hamburg and seduced me into an “open evening” with Jonathan Horan. Dagmar couldn’t stop telling me ab...

Natalie Poole

I had a miscarriage after my first ever 5Rhythms class. I was only in the very early stages of pregnancy, but we had been trying for our second baby for nearly a year. I was studying Dance-Movement Therapy at the time, and had been hearing about this big ...

5RTA | November Teacher Spotlight

Sonja Hellmann

I came into this world with the fear of my mother that I could "have a shadow". The doctors told her my head was smaller than normal. I'm so happy I have a shadow! Aren't you? (and isn't a smaller head lighter to birth?) My way to th...

Mati Vargas-Gibson

I grew up in Mexico in a family where gatherings were attended by dozens of people. Being in a crowd is a comfortable place; in my culture, people touch, hug, and connect intimately easily. In fact, it’s expected that everyone should. I moved to the USA...

5RTA | October Teacher Spotlight

Silvija Tomcik

Dance was always for me the fastest route to that place where I feel I have lost myself enough to actually find my true nature. From teenage years, dancing was a way for me to completely surrender to something else and stop being a victim of my own though...

Bettina Rothe

Vacuum cleaner in hand I walk into “Huxley”, a meeting room at Esalen Institute in California during the lunch break of a Gabrielle Roth workshop. I am a volunteer from Berlin, Germany, just there to tidy up, not in the workshop. In the empty room her...

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