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January 15, 2017

January 2017



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The 5Rhythms practice | A lens for life 



art by Liz Collier


Chaos and Connection

by Julie DoBias, Richmond, Virginia, USA


During the break at a recent workshop, as I lay face down on the floor after what was probably an hour and a half of dancing the rhythm of Chaos, I realized I was in a place I had never been before. I was in an open space, dancers going about their own business around me, and yet I was completely present in myself. I could hear the noise of the people around me, but I didn’t care. I didn’t care what I looked like, I didn’t care that I was emotional, and I didn’t care that I was vulnerable. It was an utterly unfamiliar feeling, but at the same time I felt a longing to have this feeling all of the time.


This is what the rhythm of Chaos is for me. It allows me to empty out and yet feel so much that I don’t typically allow in my life: the feeling of “nothing”, along with being completely at peace with it. Tribal beats allow me to tap into past energies, drawing me into places I’m not yet able to face in my life. Swirling and twirling around when the energy takes me, often faster than I can stand, I fight to stop it, only to give in when the music transports me where I need to go. It surprises me, amazes me, and gives me what I need at that very moment…READ MORE



A postcard from the echoes of our dance together…

by Stuart Phillips

London, United Kingdom


Attached I scream in fear of being abandoned,

Trapped I yearn to be free to be me,

Separate I cry for the intolerable anguish of tribal conflict,

Excluded I long for the comfort of belonging,

Alone I wonder lost seeking and searching for my tribe.


Together we are art.

Together we are.

Together we love.

Together we are love.

Together we are love.

We are love.
We are loved.
We are.  



A Gift Returned 

by Ben Deutsch, UK

After seven years in the wilderness,
Day after day offering my dance to God,
Finally, I heard God speak.
Very quietly and clearly he said, “Thank you for this dance, beloved,
It is a beautiful gift.
All of your dances have been beautiful gifts.
But now I offer them back to you.
This dance is yours.
This body is yours.
This life, this breath this heart beat are yours.
You must take responsibility for them. You must choose what to do with them. That, beloved, is my gift to you.”

by Hege M Sandvik Eikeland, Norway


Everything inside was stirred up by The Dance.

I realize that nothing is left up to chance.

I learned the art of embracing, Never more hesitation.

To move whenever you feel this soft breeze, It will take you further into your inner peace.

My heart tinkled like a shining star, While the dance brought me very far.


I opened my eyes and could really see,


It is good enough to be me.


Nothing I need to own or possess, Actually I’m happier with less.

Speak with love, sing, laugh and dance, Don’t miss a single chance

To spread this vibrant energy, It moves around like a melody

Inside, outside, it’s all the same, It’s part of the universal game.

We all play our own part, 


It’s up to you to choose from the heart.






5Rhythms Global | PO Box 1960 | New York, NY 10013  212.760.1381


The Rhythms of Birth

by Brenda Cohen Sabban, Argentina


I didn’t have an easy birth and my labour was 25 hours long. Most of that time, I was in my house with my husband, a midwife and a doctor.


When the contractions began, I knew I was in Flow. I took lots of baths and felt soft and calm. I wasn’t thinking to myself, “This is starting now” – that came later. Contractions themselves are like waves: they start slowly, then become stronger and more intense, and then they calm down again. My 5Rhythms practice had taught me that everything starts and everything comes to an end. So it helped me to know: “This is coming, this is strong but it will have an ending”.


After the “Flow” phase, I started to feel more regular contractions in a pattern: Staccato. The pain came on strong, and after about 10 hours,I  moved into Chaos. In that moment, though, I wasn’t able to be aware of the phase I was in. It wasn’t as if I could just tell myself, “OK, now relax, you are in Chaos.” I couldn’t let go to the Chaos, and after about 15 hours of labour, the doctor actually told me to surrender. I was fighting with the pain, and when I had not surrendered my pain, my cervix could not open properly because of the tension.


While in the Chaos part of my labour wave, I found that I couldn’t think: I had no perspective on what was happening. I was angry and in tension. And in the difficult part of the Chaos – the shadow side – I felt that I couldn’t do it; I couldn’t give birth. I had not eaten for 25 hours, I was weak, I was in a trance state, and I felt I didn’t have the strength to do it.


This feeling is something I have had a lot of times in my life, including as a teacher. I have thought that I am not enough, that I can’t be a teacher. From the outside, everyone sees me as a strong woman doing lots of things, but in my soul, I don’t believe it: sometimes, I do not believe in me. And now, I thought, “I’m not enough to do this miracle”.


It was a big teaching for me, to learn to surrender to the chaos… READ MORE 



Liz Collier Art, United Kingdom


“Dance connects me to myself Lets me know what is going on. Dance and art make my inner worlds visible Make me vulnerable Give me strength in heart, body and mind.”    SEE MORE



Heart, Leadership and Vision: Applying 5Rhythms in Business 

by Cass Donnelly, Australia




Since I began dancing 16 years ago, I have had a vision to bring 5Rhythms into the hairdressing industry where I work.  I have been putting the pieces of the puzzle in place ever since. 

I experienced high anxiety and depression for years because I had the vision but lacked the traction or the consistency to give clear instructions to people that they could follow. It was only when I really applied myself to the 5Rhythms practice that I became truly effective at grounding my vision into the planet. I’ve done hundreds of workshops in the last 20 years in many aspects of study, and it’s 5Rhythms that’s been the most powerful for me, combined with conscious breathing, which creates an awareness of all the senses, deepening the practice. After studying business at university, running a family-owned hair salon business for over two decades, and teaching thousands of salons to run their business, my business is now booming, and the things that are happening in my life are an absolute outcome of the 5Rhythms practice.  
The Leadership Pitfall: Getting Stuck in What Works
In my experience of training in salons and talking to business leaders all over the world, I have found that over time people’s attitudes, beliefs, habit patterns and routines begin to limit their creativity and spontaneous movement. They start getting comfortable and look for predictable decision making and outcomes they can control by taking things in a certain directionBut this is only one, quite rigid way to lead a business, and stems from a subtle fear…


IN-HOME PRACTICE TRACK LIVE DRUMMING with Sanga of the Valley & Robert Ansell 

Medicine Dance, Garrison Institute, NY


“Reunion with Sanga was heaven and hell for me.


Heaven – getting the chance to play with the masterful Sanga again.  


Hell – no Gabrielle buns to watch.” 


~ Robert Ansell







Community is the next Buddha

– Thich Nhat Hahn 


The 5Rhythms community is a 21st century collective unbound by history, culture, race, religion, gender or politics. We are bound by the beat, following our feet on a dancing path to freedom. We are beat-driven, service-oriented, heart-based individuals who come together to embrace our tribal longings.


The measure of a community is its respect for the wisdom of its elders, the innocence of its children, the passion of its artists, and the hope of its healers.


We are committed to inspiring and serving these roots and wings of community.



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