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September 17, 2019

by Adi Argov and Lina Nahhas

Adi (born Israeli) and Lina (born Palestinian) met in 2013, and have journeyed through a range of emotions together over the past 6 years of their friendship, whilst facing the many odds that come with sitting on opposite sides of a bloodstained separating fence. Along the way, they learned that the journey to genuinely dissolving any dividing walls between them and between the two sides of the narratives, is a journey of each first having to re – claim their right to their Human – Beingness and learning the art of embracing all that comes along with being human – in the body and in the heart.

Despite the sad political situation on the ground and all that it holds in unbalanced power dynamics and complex history, in August 2019 Adi and Lina co-facilitated their first workshop together, holding the intention for themselves and for all those who attended to come as equals, leave as equals, with equal input into the design and unfolding of the workshop and with equal passion for it all and equal respect for each other. All while consciously avoiding delving into the political narrative that divides our people. They sought to dissolve walls of tension created by some divisive historical narratives; whilst still creating space for them to co-exist as well. They are eager to share their common human stories that can soften us into our humanbeingness and keep growing us into its ever expanding multiple definitions.

When thinking about the where, amongst several options presented to them, they both felt Berlin would be the best landscape for a pilot, as a city that was wounded and divided by an imposed wall.

Before the first workshop day, a recorded session was held moderated by award-winning Lebanese documentary Filmmaker Mahmoud Kaabour, with an aim to shed a light on Adi’s and Lina’s journeys into dissolving walls between them, as a born Israeli and a born Palestinian, by simply digging into their own individual stories of accepting their own human-beingness first.

This was the beginning of a journey that is ongoing for both Adi and Lina’s work together within 5Rhythms practice as a modality for exploration. Together they plan to expand the work to other spaces, and eventually in outreach programmes amongst Palestinians and Israelis.

Photos and installation: Irene Hernandez Sanchez + Catriona Mitchell

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