5RTA | December 2016 Teacher Spotlight


Jonathan Horan

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 1986

Tribe Member since 1970


In the big journey, as human beings on planet Earth we’ve been evolving through the Big Wave over tens of thousands of years.

The Flowing age of birth, of mother giving us this earth, is long past.

For the last 5,000 years the age of Staccato has moved at an extreme velocity, building ever faster century by century -- clarity, rules, boundaries, systems and beliefs being assigned & nailed in place to build the house of humanity.

All the defined constructs of the Staccato age are now beginning to crumble. We have arrived in the age of Chaos. A simple pause and look around and we see the house exploding. It is unknown how long we will be in this rhythm so we might as well find a way to move with it.

Chaos is an age of extremes, of destruction, of breakdowns and breakthroughs and the mysterious gateway of transformation. Chaos can take many shapes -- sometimes its heart-wrenching, other times it is creative genius -- turning everything we know upside down, inside out, spiraling & spinning till we don’t recognize who we are, why we’re here, what our purpose is or what our next step will be.

And that is the beauty of it -- the rhythm of Chaos teaches us to be present in this moment, to find our feet and our intentions right now, with no past and no future to distract us, to sway us, to convince us of our purpose and where we should be headed. And from this place of resting in the turbulence of the unknown, we surrender to the truth that Chaos is necessary to breakthrough to the many Lyrical possibilities that we don’t even know exist yet for ourselves and for humanity.

Yet, we need ground to run full force into transforming the world. We find this ground by starting with our own bodies. It is essential to begin our spiritual activism with ourselves. The healing that happens within each of us is the beginning of this transformative energy that can ripple throughout our world.

Medicine Dance is an opportunity to begin the path of paying it forward. We bring ritual and ceremony into our lives, we set the intention of healing ourselves so that we may become shamanic healing warriors for all those we reach.

The 1st healing circle is within us, the 2nd is our family, the 3rd is our tribe, the 4th is all human beings on this planet, the 5th is universal life on every level everywhere.

These circles co-exist, unified, a mandala, a web woven with the sweat of our every dance. One does not exist without the others. Every circle has its contribution in the great dance of life and they are all filled with the possibility of healing.


Medicine Dance: Special guest drumming by Sanga of the Valley

with Jonathan Horan


01 December 2016 - 04 December 2016

Garrison Institute, Garrison




Wolfgang Ortner



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 1998


In 1997, Monika (my wife) did her first 5Rhythms workshop. I was at home with the kids and my thoughts and doubts, about what she was doing there. In the evening when she came home, she found a husband who was complete out of energy, because the kids challenged me the whole weekend. I was hanging at the couch, hold the newspaper in front of my face and was really not interested in talking about her workshop. Then it happens. She put my newspaper away and danced a short Wave in front of me. After that Wave I was fallen in love with this practice.

The second event which changed my life enormous was the first module in the Teacher Training. Those days were really a great and never forgettable nightmare for me. It was the ultimate teaching in the deepness of Flowing. I was really complete lost, with everything. What the hell I’m doing here was my favourite question, day by day. It took me months to understood and feel what happened there. The only thing that I’ve done during this hard time, was practise the 2 steps exercise. Every bloody day.

And then, after another day struggling with myself, I fell into this beautiful rhythm. Without any effort. Deeply connected with my roots and feet’s and suddenly everything was visible and clear. I was definitely arrived at home. My size of feet’s (US 14) helps me to stay grounded, whatever it happens around me.

I’m teaching from my feet’s and roots, trust the process and most of the time without any preparations before. It’s sounds easy, but it’s challenging me nearly every session, to stay in front of people without any masterplan in my head. Sometimes I also feel me a little bit alone in the deepness and connections with my roots - and yes - sometimes it is also a bit dark there, but enormously interesting and of course pleasantly warm.

To become a 5Rhythms teacher, is an initiation for me, a second life has been started.



Liebesreise - Silvesterworkshop
with Wolfgang Ortner & Monika Ortner
29 December 2016 - 02 January 2017
Seminarhaus Hollerbühl, Dachsberg




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