5RTA April 2022 Spotlight

The April Spotlight includes contributions from Deborah Norton/Karen Chapman for their Rebirth and Bloom Waves workshop in April. Anne Marie Hogya – 5Rhythms retreat “Mustang” at Stowle Lake Farm Jun/Jul. …

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5RTA March 2022 Spotlight

The March Spotlight includes contributions from three teachers on their dancing journeys. Fabiola Morales from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Catriona Mitchell from Victoria, Australia. Marcella Panseri from Milano, Italy and workshop “In …

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5RTA February 2022 Spotlight

The February Spotlight celebrates collaborations. Between Karen Ritscher & Kierra Foster Ba – new class – “Spiral Waves”. Between Jup Jansonius & Mirjam Van Hasselt – “Moving toward success” Workshop. …

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5RTA January 2022 Spotlight

The January Spotlight welcomes our new 2021 5Rhythms Teachers! Click here to view the 2022 January Spotlight newsletter archive

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5RTA December 2021 Spotlight

The December Spotlight includes a special tribute for Visudha De Los Santos by Chloe Goodwin and Joanne Winstanley. Also Vehllia Tranne & Alessandro Moruzzi introducing their Light and Shadows in …

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5RTA November 2021 Spotlight

The November Spotlight features Susanna Dobos from Switzerland writing about the monthly Spotlight newsletter and Kelly Satz from Argentina and Mexico introducing her Un Spa para el Alma (Spa for …

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