December Teacher Spotlight


Sonja Hellmann


Teaching since 2018

Dancing since 2003

Embodied into a family of passionate dancers and artisans, my journey on this earth began on Rose Monday (the highest carnival holiday in my area). They put a funny hat on my head & shoved me through the hallway, while outside colourful street-parades took part. I was born into art in motion.

This filled my childhood from the beginning, drawing while sitting on potty, swinging & singing wherever I could. Found my way from Standard to Jazzdance to Rock'n'Roll (with Showdancing) to modern-dance, contact improvisation and butoh... Curiosity about how the arts speak through, connect and serve us, lead me to study arts & art therapy.

In 2003, right after my Diploma, this guided me into my first 5Rhythms exploration-group, and I never left on my way to find a place for my offerings as servant with & through the arts.

I never met Gabrielle physically, and always meet her in our dances and visions. She taught us "...the art of inspiring people to turn themselves inside out, transform their suffering into art, their art into awareness and their awareness into action.“ So I embraced the pain in paintings, danced my 2nd son into this world, transformed heartbreaks to breakthroughs and fell in love with the whole "holy shit" - the art of being human.

Nowadays I'm working as performance artist in nature & urban settings, painter, art-teacher and I'm teaching 5Rhythms Waves in several classes and workshops (also online & outdoors) in Bonn and around and travel for teaching and co-creative projects.

At the end of this strange year of 2020, we'll take 5 days to relax, recover and regain strength. At the beautiful terrain of my former art University, surrounded by nurturing nature and in company with other art courses, we'll dance our inside out, soothe our hearts with sounds, find poetry in the chitty-chatter of our minds, explore ritual theater & stretch into the medicine of being art in motion.

Dostojewski wrote: "To dare to take a new step, to utter a new word is what people fear most." But what could be more refreshing than to dance beyond your limits, to jump into the dark and to let yourself be carried only by your trust that you can become a living work of art?

Online Artwaves - Tanz-Kunst-Meditation

with Sonja Hellmann

December 27-31, 2020

From Bonn, Germany


Rimke Pepers


Teaching since 2014

Dancing since 2009

It was during a walking meditation at a Mirrors workshop in Berlin 2016 when Jonathan said: “Stop if the 5Rhythms saved your life.” I stopped just like around 50 other dancers. And it’s true it saved my life. 

This happened on a 5Rhythms dancefloor in Amsterdam in 2009. The same year my father died of suicide. The same year a good friend died. When I came home after her funeral, I found a magazine on my doormat. While having a tea and reading it I turned a page and an article about the 5Rhythms literally lit up. Something inside me screamed; “This is the same thing as the book I read 20 years ago!”

Two days later I heard to the voice of Leon Beckx guiding us through the bodyparts and my body was following and tears were flowing. I was home. This is it. This is what I was looking for, waiting for, longing for all my life. Everything fell into place. From that first Friday evening I knew I wanted to spread this practice.

I danced my way through the 4 years towards the Teacher Training. It was quite turbulent because of Gabrielle’s passing, I regret deeply I never met her. Me and a group of 102 adventurous souls did the memorable 2013-2014 Training led by Jonathan and his team.

What is it that saved my life? It’s this profound feeling of being in the right body, on the right path, on the right moment with the right people. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it’s worth it. It’s worth living for. It gives meaning to my life. 

Gabrielle was an urban shaman and this mystical spiritual element is speaking to me. She spoke to me in a sweat lodge when I was leading a summer retreat in the North of Holland. I had a difficult time with one of the dancers and I literally felt her backing me up and wrapping black wings around me. 

This December we return to that same place for the Holy Sweat where we combine the dance with the sweat lodge ceremony. My friend Michaela van der Meer is conducting sweatlodges for twenty years and this is our ninth collaboration. I love to co-create and be in the moment together and receive what wants to unfold in service of the greater Good.

Holy Sweat

with Rimke Pepers

December 18-20, 2020

Roodeschool, Netherlands

Symphony of Movement

Emma Leech

From Italy

December 4-6

Presence in Time of Chaos

Erik Iversen

From Czech Republic

December 15


Iris Yasmine Harms   

From Germany  

December 5

Ver-Wandlung (exklusiv fuer Frauen)   

Iris Yasmine Harms   

From Germany  

December 12









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