August 2014 5RTA Teacher Spotlight


Adam Barley

United Kingdom


5Rhythms Teacher since 1994

Tribe Member since 1988


Deep down I'm total Flow. But my childhood wounding was such that I've had to work at all things Staccato, so my medicine is particularly strong in that department. These two forces combine to create a whole that is quite Chaotic, I've noticed ;-)

Late one night in an encounter group in 1988, someone put on a tape of Initiation. I went into a deep trance state immediately - I still remember the sound and feeling of the first note. Afterwards I asked "what the hell was that music?!?" and was told it was some American dancer called Gabrielle Roth. I made a copy of the tape and danced at home without knowing what I was doing till a friend came visiting with a copy of Maps to Ecstasy, from which point the Rhythms swept me up in their arms completely. I started teaching (before my training in ’94) in November ’93 with Gabrielle's permission. 21st anniversary coming up! Doing a special event to mark that occasion in Oxford.

I don't really know what the question "how long have you been a tribe member" means. To me it's more mysterious than that. In my experience our 'tribe' does not have fixed edges anyway, so the concept of being a member or not at any one time isn't representative of the truth. And then through time it's different too - in my case, deep down, I was connected to the energy field that is the 5Rhythms world long before I'd ever heard of Gabrielle, maybe even before I’d heard that music.

As for “Resurrection”: rejuvenation is built into the Rhythms practice. It's part of what happens naturally. Lots of insights into that kind of stuff on my blog, But this one specifically because this is the 6th summer residential in Poland, we've done a complete cycle through all five rhythms; I know this one is going to have a quality of a new start. Bring it on.



with Adam Barley


21 August 2014 - 30 August 2014





Jonathan Horan

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 1986

Tribe Member since 1970


I witnessed Gabrielle for many years asking her students to reflect and answer, "What is your home rhythm?"

Their answers were, more often then not, quite humorous to her with dancers being so far off in being able to see themselves and what was their home in the foundational Waves map.

I have always been curious to explore this territory -- what does it mean to embody the purity of a rhythm in the dance and in our lives?

Why is it that we see ourselves firmly grounded in one rhythm -- yet others, when we give the space to witness us and give us feedback, see us holding a completely different rhythm than we perceive ourselves?

Why are we so attached to being one rhythm that has served our past story, unwilling to see what our home rhythm may have evolved into over time in the present?

What can learning to be an embodiment in each and every rhythm uniquely teach us for our practice & how we live our life?

How can this understanding create a path to intuitive listening in ourselves and recognized in our bodies, helping us to direct a future that we want to achieve?

I am excited to take this 5Rhythms investigation to the dancefloor this month in my new home, Salt Lake City, Utah. Bringing this mysterious home rhythm query to the stage, unraveling our dance to its simplest expression so we can bring all of the rhythms into our every day lives.



5Rhythms WAVES: Embodiment
with Jonathan Horan
15 August 2014 - 17 August 2014
Marriott Center for Dance, University of Utah, Salt Lake City




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