5RTA | April 2016 Teacher Spotlight


Willemijn de Dreu



5Rhythms Teacher since 1997

Tribe Member since 1993


The dance came to me in 1995 from different directions and she seduced me once and forever. A love story….

I went to New York, met Gabrielle and she seduced me once and forever….A love story….

I trained with her, first Waves, then Heartbeat in 2005.

The 5Rhythms have ripped me apart, turned me upside down and put me back on my feet again. Over and over.

Deeply rooted in the countryside where I live, I stretch out towards the sky, flying all over the world to dance, teach and connect with different tribes and cultures.

The dance taught me how to journey in and out landscapes of the heart. To stay present with whatever arises, in myself and with others, trusting change, timing and the bigger life-force that beats underneath all.

Over the years I have been influenced by a lot of different teachers and disciplines. Shamanism is a strong thread in my work, as it is also a way to step out of our linear time line in order to find healing and wholeness for all our relations. I believe strongly that the personal work we do is never only for ourselves, it has to feed back into the bigger picture of peace. As Gabrielle said; ‘the work is nothing till we bring it to the streets’.

So yes, I have a mission. Opening and exploring through dance how we can connect from love, with love. However heartbroken we are, there are alway’s others who danced a similar path. We find peace in the mirror of the other, if we are willing to see and let ourselves be seen. The body doesn’t lie, the body is a mere vessel with a heartbeat.

‘The power of love’ can be danced this spring in Barcelona and Salzburg


Power of Love

with Willemijn de Dreu


01 April 2016 - 03 April 2016





Jason Rowe

United Kingdom


5Rhythms Teacher since 2010

Tribe Member since 2003


BELONGING is precious.

A heart felt sense we all desire that occurs naturally when we allow fluidity with our emotions.

After an adventful childhood, touched by both light and shadow, I was eager for success in the material world. At the same time I froze my emotional growth through addiction to alcohol and then cocaine. I became utterly separated from my body. The source of my be-longing.

A decade and a half later I was beat. I realized I both needed and could finally receive help. Thank God for 12 step programs. So in 1999 I sobered up and have remained so. The new millennium saw a swing from hedonist to sound bowl playing vegan eating long distance runner. I started the journey back into my body and a few years later I found the 5Rhythms. From my first class I arrived home. I again Belonged to life!

It took 9 years of dancing around the world and through all of Gabrielle’s maps to break the cultural conditioning to finally accept that Flowing is my natural rhythm.

From this point I could see how Fear permeated every aspect of my life and how to now start to track and allow its power to flow in healthy ways. To express my Anger not in the polarized patterns of extreme but to build a broad range and connection to my heart.

And my heart has been broken many times. Through these fissures my grieving and loss has released sadness, much dammed up for years.

This year I turned 50 and my mortality feels closer to hand. My body is changing and the community I have built through my teaching practice has blossomed. In this growth a lighter, more joyful attitude has both taken root and unfurled its wings.

I see now that all of Gabrielle’s maps are truly interconnected and that is humbling. While compassion was an emotion that was out of reach, as I slow down, I’m able to walk in anothers shoes and to change the first selfish thought that may enter my mind.

As I accept my body and allow fluidity with my emotions I become more at peace with my thoughts and allow a beautiful mind the friendly place that comes with balance.

My life today is precious. I BELONG.

Come dance the Heartbeat map in London, 29 April to 1 May 2016.

I welcome your dance of belongings.



with Jason Rowe
29 April 2016 - 01 May 2016
Rambert Dance Company, London




Upcoming workshops in March


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