5RTA | December Teacher Spotlight


Pauline van Hezik



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 2000


Dancing is definitely my life saver.

As a kid I used to dance in the living room, after evening meals, mirroring myself in the reflection of the window when the lights were on. I started collecting some music, in awe of what I could record with my little cassette recorder in front of the speaker (telling my family members to shut up during recording ☺).

Growing up I was very unaware of my body. Up in my head, an eating disorder covered all my feelings. Will power was my friend. In 1999 a series of losses got me stuck.

I found the magic flyer in The Hague.

The first time on the dancefloor I experienced ecstasy and tears at the same time.

I could not believe that a space existed where I had full permission to just be me!

A new addiction stepped in.

Over time, after years, a delicious and strong energy started to emerge. Trusted energy I could enjoy, dance, share and teach about!

Not only I found my dance, but also I learned to trust myself and others more in our shared dances. Very healing.

The day I decided to become a teacher was the day I stepped out of my comfort zone. I learned about starting before I am ready and feeling the fear and do it anyway.

The best decision I made.

Now I often feel like the lucky swan in the story of the ugly duckling.

Where would I be, had I not learned this dance from head to feet.

It’s beyond words and in deep gratitude to all my teachers.

There is real hope in moving from difficult inner spaces like emptiness, loneliness and inertia.

I wish to offer this journey to people who suffer and long to change. The world needs us now.

Rian is my colleague and friend. We know how to dance our collaboration. I enjoy her honesty, generosity, grounded skills and trust. We are productive, steady and creative together. We offer safe, inviting and joyful space for your dancing journey inside out. Join us in Sacred Space in December 2017 and La Gomera in July 2018!


Sacred Pause

with Rian van Duijnhoven & Pauline van Hezik


28 December 2017 - 30 December 2017

Pand 18, S-Hertogenbosch




Rian van Duijnhoven



5Rhythms Teacher since 2010

Tribe Member since 2003


The first memory from me dancing was at the age of 4. The teacher let us dance around two carpets, placed like a lemniscaat. I danced and danced, going round and round. She smiled at me so bright and she invited me to dance with her. My first ecstatic!

Always loved dancing: ballroom, weekly classes jazz ballet and dancing in the disco. At the age of 43 I was doing a life changing 3-year training and heard people talk about 5Rhythms.

I went to an open class with Thea Spanjers, my first 5Rhythms teacher. After a few lessons I phoned her and asked her how to become a teacher. Well, she said, this is going to be a long road. And I took my first steps, dancing all over in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany, Switzerland. My world grew bigger and bigger and my horizon expanded, and so was my heart and understanding of the rhythms.

In Berlin, I danced in a huge group of dancers excited to meet Gabrielle. It felt as if she was talking to me personally about life, struggles and dealing with your pain. I was just a teenager dancing my own pain, she said and it felt as if she was talking just to me.

I was in the last group trained by her. During the last module of the training, she invited us to meditate with her and a few of us showed up. Sitting in front of her, she took her time and looked each one in the eye and said: “I love you”. Never before felt these words so intense and wholehearted. When I think of this moment I can still feel it. At the end we were all crying, knowing that this would be the last time we see each other in real life.

My teaching path is about showing up, building confidence, being thankful, listen to my heart, following my bliss, accepting myself, being a channel, being in service. Taking one step at the time, still doubting if I ever will be good enough.

After seven years of teaching, I want to dance more for myself again. To find my own dance again. To stay balanced and in tune with the joy of teaching. I love teaching in special places or create a magical atmosphere; dancing in a circus tent, an old fabric hall, a chapel, outside on sacred land, dancing with woman at full moon, creating a huge nest during the workshop Sacred Pause.

Pauline and I are teaching in the same area. This year we are teaching the Sacred Pause for the 4th time. She is my challenger, supporter, mirror and teacher. Most of the time I am the one who comes with a new idea, not always able to manifest all the ideas I have. I am the planner, organizer, impatient, practical one. She always wants to take time to dream first and creating a landscape. I love the way she finds words to create. We are a good team. Next year we are going to offer a workshop on la Gomera “A Magical Journey”. So looking forward to this one too.

Happy to meet you again and again on a dancefloor around the globe. Love to see you shine!



Sacred Pause
with Rian van Duijnhoven & Pauline van Hezik
28 December 2017 - 30 December 2017
Pand 18, S-Hertogenbosch




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