March 2014 5RTA Teacher Spotlight


Jonathan Horan

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 1986

Tribe Member since 1970


My home rhythm is Flowing, yet through living and breathing the 5Rhythms practice since birth I have learned that all of the rhythms carry me through this life in their own unique ways. The heartthrobs and the heartbreaks, the losses and the great expansions.

I grew up at Esalen Institute, surrounded by the pioneers of modern healing from Fritz Perls to Stan Grof and watched Gabrielle birth this simple yet powerful language of the 5Rhythms: Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical StillnessTM.

In the early beginnings of The Wave, Gabrielle played with some different meanings of each of these Rhythms. Flowing was Strong and Flowing. Staccato was fierce. Chaos was marked by students surrounding the dancefloor to act as safety guards so dancers didn't knock themselves out hitting the walls. Lyrical involved playing, skipping with airy balloons in the dance. Stillness didn't even exist yet.

Fifty years later, I'm honored to stand in the 5Rhythms teacher circle that holds the integrity of The Wave as the foundational Map and process that is the 5Rhythms movement practice.

The 5Rhythms gives us a physical vocabulary to express where we are, and energetic maps to see where we are going. Practicing the 5Rhythms Wave helps to ground when you are in chaos, flow when you feel frozen, and surrender to your natural state of being—a fluid body in motion.

The rhythms themselves are gateways to thousands of different movement landscapes. Like the body they are alive and designed to catalyze the dancers movement expression in the moment. The tribe on the dancefloor and your contribution to the dance makes every dance a unique dance.

As my teaching evolves more into training those on The Dancing Path, I ground myself in the Waves practice and cherish the opportunities I have to introduce the fundamentals and some history of the 5Rhythms in my annual Kripalu workshop.

Whether you are a first time dancer that is just beginning to discover how to be in their body, or a certified Wave addict that wants to go the route to the root, an investigation awaits.


Waves: A 5Rhythms Moving Meditation

with Jonathan Horan


28 March 2014 - 30 March 2014

Kripalu, Lenox




Neil Pinnock

United Kingdom


5Rhythms Teacher since 2007

Tribe Member since 2001


My home rhythm is Lyrical, I love the release and freedom that I can inhabit as my body finds its way to be alive and true in the moment. It is like the work is done and I can simply relax and enjoy the journey, luxuriating in the glow, going with an expanding flow. It has not always been this way or this clear to me though and over the years I have had to struggle my way through the shadowlands of Staccato, pushing through and surrendering the frustrations of trying to hard and of being to held in too tight. For this reason Chaos has always felt like such a liberator and key to the whole alchemy of the dance, Chaos has been my salvation.

In 1999 I found myself in the ecstasy of the dance at a workshop in Pune in India. Deeply aware and completely abandoned, fully in the dance and curiously expanded, outside and observing at the same time. "Look at you" said the me observing to the me who was engrossed in the dance, “ Look at you - You're a Dancer!". 'Me? A Dancer?’ I questioned, and as I watched myself and experienced the pure joy of freedom & aliveness as my body spun, leaped & jived there was no arguing with that. In that moment of awareness my dancer was born and a new path opened in my life and I proceeded to dance whenever I wherever I could. 2 years later I was taken by a friend to my 1st 5Rhythms class and I knew then that I had somehow arrived home. So I danced with as many of those trained in 5Rhythms as I could - a path that led me to Gabrielle and eventually to the teacher training. I qualified in 2008 and now bring the teachings & wisdom of the 5Rhythms to people who are ready for them, it is my honour and my sacred work. I want to help them to catch the fire, to dive into the depths and release themselves to themselves and to each other through the freedom of the dance.

As a Druid and a 5Rhythms teacher I love using the dance of the elements through the 5Rhythms. By attuning to the seasons we bring ourselves in alignment to the cycles of energy and can nurture our journey through each year. I love the spring for the renewal that it brings and the promise of so much to come in the year ahead.

Like the winter sleeping in the gentle power of the earth, We too are held in the body waiting to awaken; rooted, ready. As the fire of the sun reflects the inner fire of our hearts we are warmed, Sparks and shoots emerge as energy explodes and explores through shapes into the space around. Pumping and breaking forth these shoots split and multiply into numerous outbursts, unthinkable forms, Water pours through the system giving rise to the chaos of the unknown and the shape of new movements and new ways. Rising into the air, stretching, reaching and rooted we are expanded, opened, accepting. Resting into what we have become, in balance, whole and awaiting the next cycle,

Renewed, wave by sacred wave.



Spring Arise
with Neil Pinnock
28 March 2014 - 30 March 2014
Wildways Retreat Centre, Shropshire, UK, West Midlands




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