5RTA: November 2015 Teacher Spotlight


Katarzyna Kat Pugowska

United Kingdom


5Rhythms Teacher since 2010

Tribe Member since 1998


I grew up in an intellectual and, as Gabrielle Roth would say, normally dysfunctional neurotic Western family, that led me to hide my deep yearning for soulful and artistic expression. As a child, very emotional and sensitive, I hit adolescence feeling lost, with an innate need to search for authenticity and justice in the world. I met the 5Rhythms® at the age of nineteen at the first ever 5R® workshop in Poland. I still remember the moment I entered the dance floor. The sense of being at home struck me immensely and it touched parts of me that were just waiting to be expressed. It was like I met myself for the first time: the healing journey started then and I started following the callings of my heart.

Through many synchronicities I was invited to the UK, where I would totally surrender to the dance. I found myself in the strange, and rather huge, city of London, without being able to speak the language and knowing no one - but I had the dance. It was also when I met Gabrielle Roth for the first time. Right then I knew that I wanted to be a 5Rhythms Teacher.

The call of my heart was loud. I left my studies and established a long term relationship and moved to London. Now I know that I needed to go through much more healing before I could step into holding others.

Driven by a great passion I learned English very quickly and started to work as a personal trainer. It was not until, around, 2006 that I hit a crisis. I found myself exhausted on a physical and emotional level, and that overlapped with a deep heartbreak. I was depressed. I questioned literally everything, including the 5Rhythms. I needed to slow down. I started working with people with learning disabilities through art and dance therapy and took up Gestalt psychotherapy, as well as oil painting. I took my doubts and deeply personal and existential wonders to the dance from a new angle: the floor. It was also the time I started reconnecting with my womb and femininity on a much deeper level. As difficult that journey was I made it through. My relationship to the Rhythms matured and I finally completed my training in 2011, and recently took the practice to the Heartbeat™ level.

I hold 5Rhythms classes and workshops across UK and abroad; I offer one-to-one 5Rhythms sessions, as well as personal counseling; and I am passionate about my women’s closed group, Wisdom Of The Womb, and the community it has created.

At the end of November I shall offer 'Open Heart': a Heartbeat level workshop in my mother land:

What do we open to and what do we close to? - How is it possible to open the heart in the midst of conflict and to hear the other’s plea for something greater than the righteous stand-off we are so often drawn into? - How is it possible to open the heart when the other is in a place of fearful defense and feel their delicate need to be acknowledged with care? And how much are you ready to open up and let the feelings flow without over thinking, favouring and fantasising about them? Each day, there are many opportunities to open up or shut down... I would love if you could join me on this journey of the heart.


Open Heart - Heartbeat 5Rhythms ® workshop with Kat

with Katarzyna Kat Pugowska


27 November 2015 - 29 November 2015

Warsaw, Warszawa




Tess Howell

United Kingdom


5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 2001


I get great pleasure from following this dancing path - this freedom practice has greatly formed my life. The dancefloor remains such a relished space for me, a place to be real: to be heartful, happy or hurting; to be vulnerable, vivid, livid or lovely. A place to live well and to learn to love whatever is moving through us, around us and within us.

I was producing contemporary dance for a living and after a few years of dancing the 5Rhythms, I literally bumped into Gabrielle in the studios at the back of Sadler’s Wells in London. It’s fair to say that it’s rare that I physically walk into another person(!) so I paid attention to this moment of meeting this wise woman whom had been a notorious “name” for so long, taking the class she was about to offer. There was such beauty in being there in the beat, being with the breath and with the body in motion. Some curious calling of the heart had begun for me- and I began following my feet further down this dancing path.

The majority of my teaching takes place outdoors – there is something deeply nurturing about moving out in nature; a space to let us connect deeper to ourselves, to others and to the wider world. I’m a lover of all things lyrical - of being present to the preciousness of what’s around us.

Dancing outdoors will be a part of the Rites of Passage program – an intensive series for young women. We begin each session by dancing a wave and then go into exploring what it means to be coming into adulthood in these times of change. The dance develops our ability to listen to our internal somatic signals - so important in cultivating good choices in relation to relationships, substances, stress, study, career and the myriad of other options that emerge as we transition into adulthood. We also work with art based coaching and a host of skills for developing embodied leadership- to support the women in defining and refining their vision - in developing their own authentic work in the world.

In traditional societies a rite of passage marks a moment of transition, witnessed by a community who acknowledges and appreciates the new era. The dance floor is ideal for building conscious community. There is a unity to be found in bodies moving in unison in the beat that meets that human need for celebration, connection and collaboration; creating tribe to witness each other as we move mindfully towards what matters most…

Rites of Passage starts on the 10th November in Brighton, England www.creative-journey.com



Rites of Passage
with Tess Howell
10 November 2015 - 13 December 2015
Brighton , Brighton




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