September 2014 5RTA Teacher Spotlight


Marika Heinemann



5Rhythms Teacher since 2007

Tribe Member since 2000


My immersion in the 5Rhythms happened 14 years ago in a Heartbeat workshop. I felt my inside turning out and the feeling of being home started glowing and growing. I was looking a long time for this sense of home. From then on I practiced the 5Rhythms regularly, the intensity increased and the meaning of movement became more deep and profound for me. My life changed permanently. To dance helps me to perceive more clearly what kind of feelings, emotions, thoughts are present in each moment of my life, and so the dance helps me to find better solutions. Dancing the 5Rhythms intensified my awareness and my mindfulness.

My home rhythm is Flowing. When I feel connected to the earth, I feel connected to myself. A deep feeling of connection to myself leads to much more clarity in Staccato and helps a lot to deal with any mayhem. Flowing taught me to meet myself with more acceptance and love. Also, my workshop "Self Love" is not about avoiding unpleasant conditions. It is about discovering what is hidden inside by using your moving body. Expressing what you find there in your heart in your body. It is a workshop about acceptance of what is, to thereby go with more compassion through life. It is a workshop about being present for a single movement, the breath, an idea, intuition or an other person. It is about surrendering to life, to oneself and to other humans.



with Marika Heinemann


13 September 2014 - 14 September 2014

Freie Waldorschule Dresden, Dresden




Peter Fodera

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 2004

Tribe Member since 1999


When I first discovered the 5Rhythms, surrendering to my home rhythm of flowing was a real revelation for me. Once I found the connection to my feet, it felt like everything else fell right into place.

My first introduction to the 5R’s was at one of Jonathan’s classes in down-town NYC, at the Childrens’ Aid Society. Gabrielle was there that night and at the end of the class when she bent down to ask “who are you and how long have you been dancing the 5Rhythms?”

I had no idea who she was, nor how much of an impact the practice would have on my life.

In each of the 5Rhythms there are endless Waves waiting to be released. By surrendering into each rhythm, we can find our own unique flow and learn to trust and receive our bodies’ wisdom. The clarity of our creative, expressive staccato can give us an active voice for each of the rhythms. We surrender to the movement and the moment. Exploring each of the rhythms in this multi-layered way we can let go of patterns that no longer serve us, shed old skins that no longer suit us, and release into new relationships with the unknown. Releasing the dancer and becoming the dance, we trance-form.

Come and explore the depths and motion of your ocean. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”… Jon Kabat-Zinn



Endless Waves
with Peter Fodera
12 September 2014 - 14 September 2014
White Wave Studios 25 Jay Street (entrance around the corner on John Street) DUMBO -Brooklyn , New York




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