March 2015 Teacher Spotlight


Maja Muehlbauer



5Rhythms Teacher since 0

Tribe Member since 1988


In Flowing we prepare the background and our hands could dance with fingercolors on the paper. In Staccato we find form, mark structure or borders. In Chaos we can be surprised of what shows up and repaint or create new layers, Lyrical might add sparkles of magic, fabric or patterns. Stillness can bring a symbol of healing or balancing, the finishing touch, seeing and feeling the whole! Many more possibilities while weaving back and forth from dance to other art to sharing our processes.

Before, I focused myself on the dance therapy and the free expression of dance as a spiritual path, but maintaining the spirit of the beginner is important to me and this I practice at present. It is calling me for more creativity - creativity nourishing liveliness and so that is what I'm offering to you. The connection of dance and paint, offering the voice to the dance, words in art, the actors sculpture shapeshifting into our potentials and healing may happen!

Have a break, relax, play - senselessy to be more sensuous. Drowning in todo's or worse: lists of todo's? The administration of the administration, societies burden? OH DANCE SAVE ME! Yes and just stop for a moment. Stop moment for moment. Focus on the beauty around us, creating, breathing, letting go, trusting, connecting, be in nature, laugh and love deeper. May we only seek the next step while exploring our deeper visions, our live thread. The thread being in movement as well. Yes the dance saved me many times, yesterday I tossed and turned in God and on Gaia, rolling on the floor. I'm a student and a teacher.


... a 5Rhythms creativity workshop ...

with Maja Muehlbauer


27 March 2015 - 30 March 2015

Miesbach (40 Min. south of Munich), Schliersee




Annette Uhlemann



5Rhythms Teacher since 2005

Tribe Member since 1998


Hearing Gabrielle´s voice the first time on the CD ”Endless waves” was like coming home.

Since then the 5Rhythms is my practice, my refuge, my love. I am born in Berlin, grew up nearby Bonn and moved to Denmark 30 years ago. Here I got married with Jan, who is also a 5Rhythms Teacher and we raised together our 2 children… I learned to flow. Living by the sea, teaching the 5Rhythms, giving massage, keeping house and garden is my daily life.

After the training 2005, I shared the 5Rhythms in weekly classes, workshops, at schools with children and teenagers in theater projects. An old dream to bring body and spirit in the education system began to unfold in reality. It was fun, a challenge, sometimes a struggle and a great joy to see the kids freeing their bodies by dancing and expressing themselves in their own way.

For the last 10 years I have been a regular part of the rehabilitation program offered to cancer patients at a University hospital, I was part of scientific research projects and worked with The Danish Cancer Society. Last year Jan and I were invited to start a bigger scientific examination of the effect and experience of the 5Rhythms. In collaboration with the regional hospital and center for scientific research and healthcare we worked for 3 months with a group of 20 cancer patients in different ages and stages of illness. These projects opened for other research projects also and we are now planning ways to offer the 5Rhythms to hospital staff and Employees.

Recently I also have contact to other 5Rhythms Teachers, who work and wants to work with cancer patients and the Healthcare system in other counties.

In the last few years we visited the Beautiful Spanish island Gran Canaria. I fell in love with the island and local friends there, invited me to offer a weekend workshop here in April “Freeing the Body”, an introduction to dance- and movement practice The 5Rhythms® and its basic form “The Wave”.



Free your body
with Annette Uhlemann
10 April 2015 - 12 April 2015




Upcoming workshops in March


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