March Teacher Spotlight


Jup Jansonius


Teaching since 2014

Dancing since 1998

Never in my 25 years of dancing have I experienced the power of 5Rhythms so deeply as I did this year.

Yes, dancing with Gabrielle was like time travel and super magical and changed my whole life.

But this year, more than ever, 5Rhythms proved itself as a practical life elixir for many. Even for people who don't really have anything to do with dancing.

From the beginning of this global crisis, 5Rhythms proved to be able to adapt to any situation. And whether I work online, in the park or on the beach, live, with a group or 1 on 1, each time dance proves that it knows how to bring the undercurrents of life to the surface and transform them into healing and carrying energy. A comfort for many. Even passers-by feel the power, get a smile on their face, look relieved or dance along without hearing the music. Countless moments of pure magic and connection with strangers. A garbage man who sees us dancing and without hearing the music starts moving with us and goes completely crazy......Tears of wonder, emotion

Connection in moments of isolation, comfort in moments of desperation, relief in times of suffocation.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to our practice and especially to the collaborations that were so important this year. Together we are stronger, we can do more.

How special was it that we helped each other to get online, that we gave each other info where to buy the best outdoor equipment, that we can dance in each other's classes without burdening mother earth too much? We can lift each other up to the next level.

And that is exactly what I want to do with my work. Emancipate people, make them believe in the power of themselves and the collective. To reconnect with the powers and wisdom of nature, so that on a deeper level there is a connection with the world around us.

The Earth Within.

In this workshop the ancient oral traditions and rituals from the Andes are combined with dance. During this 11 week journey we will connect with the elements on different levels. We create a Sacred Space where we can hear, feel and move the messages of the elements. A deeply transformative experience.

I give this workshop together with an Andean Shaman. To get you acquainted with what we do during these 11 weeks we organize a taster evening.

Be ready for a great journey.

The Earth Within

with Jup Jansonius

March 16, 2021

From Amsterdam, Netherlands


Katya Verbrugghe


Teaching since 2014

Dancing since 2007

How we look at something always affects our environment, both directly and indirectly. Everything affects us, as well. Just as I began to prepare to start working with young people, the media shared that last weekend seven 14-year-olds organized a private lock down party, for which they were then locked up by the police for 24 hours. This immediately brought me back to my puberty.

As a teenager I lived at the dark side of life, both at home and at school. But actually I longed for loving connections, yet I only received blame and punishment. In that time of my life 5Rhythms did not yet exist in my world. I danced with my soul in my room every day though, and visited a lot of discos, to dance until early in the morning to express and process what was happening inside of me. It gave me the energy to go forward.  

As the interaction with my environment usually resulted in a negative spiral, my inner dancer let me move and create new moves to move with daily. Yes, dance was already my savior, my lover, my sweat GOoD prayers. 

Had I known the 5Rhythms in my puberty, I probably would not have fallen into having an eating disorder, anorexia. 

Dancing was normal for me, but a conscious dance in the landscape of 5Rhythms gave me the solid ground to heal, and to transform so many bad behaviors. 

I LOVE teaching! I’m really passionate, but also imperfect. My most wild dream became my truth - my most precious medicine became my job.  

And to me, the most precious work is doing Workshops. I would actually prefer to name it “Invest Time” as this precious time that we invest in our Selves is such powerful medicine for the world.   

This is exactly the reason why I want to start working with youngsters. I want to offer them a safe space to meet their feelings, their emotions and their sexual energy. I love to give them the space to experience their creative flow, to explore their limits, and to take the time to discover each rhythm within themselves.

So if you are between the ages 16 and 22 years old, welcome, I look forward to meeting you.

Creative Upgrade

with Katya Verbrugghe

March 27-28, 2021

From Antwerp, Belgium

ONLINE: Cultivating JOY

Bettina Rothe  

From Canada

March 6

Self-Love, Reset and Dance

Kiaora Fox  

From USA

March 6









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