June 2015 Teacher Spotlight


In Memory of Visudha de los Santos

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 2007

Tribe Member since 1995


My journey with the 5Rhythms began a magical night in 1996 when my boyfriend at the time invited me to this "dance thing, that you will love" in Boston, Massachusetts. I experienced one of the most ecstatic moments in my life to that point - never imagining how much ecstasy and joy I would cultivate to this moment. I went away from that experience with no idea that the dance was a practice, or who the person was who lead me my first time home. I just simply remembered the ecstasy; the sweating, throbbing bodies; and the glimpse of god. Some time later - 1999, I went to my physical therapist who suggested I start going to these dance classes his friends were conducting.  I did. I quickly realized as I moved my body this was that "dance thing". 

I became a regular student, and although I was a single mom of three children, managed to find the way to dance often. By strange ordering, my first workshop was Mirrors with Gabrielle in New York. Yes. Oh, boy! I was stretched and sculpted; and left wondering what the heck I was doing. My crash course, rocked and disrupted my world, and once I had digested the releases, insights, and spaciousness; I found my spirit enlivened and lifted up. Although I still didn’t know what this ‘dance thing’ was, I intuitively knew that this was the path I had been seeking, and that this profound work would transform my life. And, indeed it has again and again.

I made a home in Taos, NM (The Land of Enchantment) some years back where I teach several classes a week. I've been teaching workshops nationally and internationally as well - my favorite bodies of work are those that span 5-10 days because we get a lot of time to marinate and stew; and get rich, broth-y and ripe! 

Living in Taos has afforded me the opportunity to deepen into shamanic practices of South America, and the rituals and practices of the Lakota people. It was during the Sundance ritual - a celebration of and renewal of life, that I really understood the power of rhythm and repetition in the way that Gabrielle taught me.

The 5Rhythms have allowed me to grow ever so deeply into my intuitive and creative being - which has birthed much, for example: Raven’s Roost (Studio and Private Retreats); The Serpent Temple (Ritual & Rites of Passage Work for Women); The GongJourney (Vibrational Sound); and most recently a recording - Sedna's Prayer: Receiving Grace Through Sacred Vibration.

Rockin’ the Rhythms is a sweet sampler, and the perfect lead-up to the expanded Rhythm Revival summer intensive in Taos. It is my honor and pleasure to hold your life, your dance as sacred. It is my deepest blessing to guide you home to your heart and essential self. With a deep bow to the collective heart within us.


Rockin' The Rhythms

with In Memory of Visudha de los Santos


05 June 2015 - 06 June 2015

Studio NIa, Santa Fe




Thierry Francois



5Rhythms Teacher since 2010

Tribe Member since 1999


5Rhythms crossed my path in 2001. I was dancing at that time with my partner in some different practice, but was not really interested, too much something, not enough something else, then I gently gave up. Later, she told me about her 5Rhythms new experience and I decided to try again. It was with Deborah Bacon Dilts and it's funny how I can remember very well this very first meeting. I felt like it was a date, just sensing that I was falling in love, mostly felt at home, safe and ready to do more. Few years later, after hours and hours of regular practice in classes and workshops in France and Europe, I needed to come and meet Gabrielle in Sausalito. I first was frustrated as she was not there in the venue, and suddenly I felt her presence in my back, it was kind of something. We had a tea break, and I just noticed I was alone in this big room with her in the other corner. Of course I wanted to step toward her but the inner little voice full of crap was saying, "No." I closed my eyes and the second after, she was sitting front of me, asking "who are you?"

I met her in her grace, care, challenge, shaky ground, curiosity, voice, depth, humor.

She hit me in many ways, and through the practice, I just left myself diving, jumping, exploring the "how", the endless steps of what's going on next. I got lost and confused in many aspects of my whole self, but Rhythms give me the chance to find back the path, not in terms of good or right, just allowing to move in, move on, move out and let my loving feet explore, expand to what it is, whatever it is… Yes, it sometimes makes me vulnerable, exposed, as a dancer, as a teacher, as a man, and I know that the second after can make me embodied and creative, the same way.

Attention, awareness, breathing in, out, get closer and closer to myself.

My home Rhythm is Lyrical, there is still so much to learn, the letting go of the letting go, and on going perspective. I just need to show up and let my love keep opening the doors.

Dancing the unknown is coming soon, a chance to open our own pandora box and collect what's going out from it without knowing anything except I have a grounded body, an open heart, intuitive mind, a dancing soul, a seeker spirit.

Dancing the unknown, break on through on the other side.

“What will I find on the other side of all that I know?” -- Gabrielle



Dancing the Unknown
with Thierry Francois
06 June 2015 - 06 June 2015
Vienna, Vienna




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