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TRANSITION: 5Rhythms New Year Retreat

Ubud - 29 Dec 2024 to 5 Jan 2025
Vehllia Tranne - Alessandro Moruzzi

For more info and to register, contact: 5rhythmsbali @ gmail. com

5Rhythms Waves Heartbeat Retreat with Alessandro Moruzzi, Vehllia Tranne, Jada Jane Boh, and Sophie Daubisse in Bali

“The dance path to ecstasy is a circle, not a line. There is no end, no beginning, just the rhythm of being. “ ~ Gabrielle Roth

Embark on a transformative journey as we bid farewell to 2024 and welcome the dawn of 2025 with a unique 8-day 5Rhythms Waves and Heartbeat residential retreat.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Balinese culture through special ceremonies and healing practices.  

A deeper connected experience, a meta ending and beginning between flowing and fear, staccato and anger, chaos and sadness, lyrical and joy, stillness and compassion. As the dance unfolds, seamlessly transitions from Waves to Heartbeat, creating a harmonious integration of movement and emotion. But the journey doesn't end there.
Experience a unique dance on the last night of the year, where we dance from sunset to sunrise, honoring the ending and welcoming the beginning in a rhythmic celebration that transcends time.
This deeper exploration provides a powerful platform for personal growth and emotional healing.

This retreat is not just a personal journey; it's a collective experience. Connect with like-minded souls, forming bonds that extend beyond the dance floor.

Share stories, laughter, and the magic of movement as we collectively cross over into 2025.


Lokale docenten

Jada Jane Boh Singapore Geeft les sinds: 2018 Danst sinds: 2014

“" Dancing is not rising to your feet painlessly like a whirl of dust blown about by the wind. Dancing is when you rise above both worlds, tearing your heart to pieces and giving up your soul." ~ RUMI”

More Information and Schedule
Vehllia Tranne San Francisco, California Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2010

“I dance to rediscover, remember, recreate, and to return to love. It takes courage to live one's truth. Your courage breeds courage in me. Will you join me and dance our truth?”

More Information and Schedule
Yiannis Thrasyvoulou London Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2007

“Dance until the dancer disappears and only the dance remains OSHO”

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Sophie Daubisse (Teacher In Training) Ubud, Bali   Danst sinds: 2009

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music - Friedrich Nietzsche”

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