Belenézek a tükörbe, kinézek az ablakon: látom magamat, és látok másokat azzal küzdeni, hogy hogyan legyünk a saját bőrünkben. Hogy tudjuk, kik vagyunk, és mire van szükségünk. Hogy kedveljük magunkat, ahelyett, hogy valaki más bőrében szeretnénk lenni. ~ G. Roth

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Freedom of Movement Budapest Peter Fejer


In Balance Budapest Peter Fejer


Outdoor dance in the park Budapest Peter Fejer

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Budapest - 14 Oct 2023 to 15 Oct 2023
Julia Mercurio


1.5 day Waves workshop with Julia Mercurio

Autumn is the season of the harvest, of collecting what has been sown during spring and ripened during summer. It is now that we can witness the changing colors of nature and gather up our resources for the darker days to come.

During this 1,5 day workshop you are invited to give your self the time and attention to listen to yourself and to honour the efforts and intentions for your life that you set earlier in the year.

What are the experiences you have made? What are the resources that nourish you? What isn’t working that you might need to let go of? Moving through Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® map, you’ll learn to connect to your body’s wisdom and activate your inner compass to reveal the answers. You will practice to collect your energy to be able to move forward in a grounded and connected way.

Saturday: 18:30-21:00
Sunday: 10:00-17:30

Műhely Alapítvány / Workshop Foundation
Building B, 4th floor
Jurányi utca 1-3
Budapest 1027

Early bird: 22.500 Ft or 60 € (until 20 September)
Regular: 28.500 Ft or 75 €
Booking valid with payment of
10.000 Ft / 25 € non-refundable deposit

Register here: (link will be available soon!)

This workshop is taught in English.
Attendance counts as 1,5 days Waves towards the teacher training prerequisites.

Email Julia Mercurio at mercurio.julia@gmail.com



Budapest - 10 Nov 2023 to 12 Nov 2023
Romana Soldo

 We are entering into dark period of the year, when our attention naturally moves inwards.. discovering hidden landscapes of our Being.

Following the rhythms, we dive deeper into our earthly body, exploring our roots in search of the wisdom written in our bones. We are tapping into intuition by surrendering to the language of symbols, expanding the inner realms and embodying received experiences through movement, breath, exercise, dreamwork techniques and interconnectedness within a group. 

You don’t have to remember your dreams to tap into this work, it is enough to have a body and curiosity to move it 

Welcome to join this Dreamtime expedition, because every discovery extends our capacity to be more ourselves. Dreaming ourselves into being.


Lokale docenten

Peter Fejer Budapest Geeft les sinds: 2010 Danst sinds: 2008

“Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.”

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Julia Mercurio Budapest   Danst sinds: 2010

“When we dance, we make space for the magic to happen.”

More Information and Schedule
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