Once you get out of the way, the way becomes you and you become the way.

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Madrid - 25 Sep 2020 to 27 Sep 2020
Arjan Bouw


5 Ritmos con Arjan Bouw 

con Música y percusión en Directo

por Pau Zañartu

Todo tiene ritmo. La tierra alrededor del sol tiene ritmo. La gente tiene ritmo.

¿Podemos conectarnos con nuestro propio latido interno?

¿Podemos hacer música con el ritmo de otros?

¿Y podemos conectar con el ritmo de las estaciones?

Durante el equinoccio el sol sale exactamente en el este y se pone en el oeste. 

En este día la luz y la oscuridad están en equilibrio. Drumbone es un fin de semana para celebrar este momento. Es el momento de cosechar los frutos del verano y dar la bienvenida al caos de las tormentas de otoño.

La tormenta nos inspira a sacudir nuestros huesos y a soltar con dignidad.

¿Qué es lo que ya no nos alimenta más? ¿Podemos hacer espacio?

Es el momento de cosechar los frutos de nuestro trabajo.

*Es un taller que cuenta como nivel WAVES para la Formación de 5 Ritmos.

*Workshop en inglés con traducción de Rhoda Justel.


Drumbone with live music for Pau Zañartu

Everything has got rhythm. The earth turning around the sun has got rhythm. People got rhythm. Can we connect to this innerbeat of ourselves? Can we make music with the rhythm of others? And can we connect with the rhythm of the seasons? During the equinox the sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west. On this day light and dark are in balance. Drumbone is a weekend to celebrate this moment. It is the time to harvest fruits of the summer and welcome the chaos of the autumn storms. The storm inspires us to shake our bones and to let go with dignity. What doesn't feed us anymore? Can we make space? So we can harvest the fruits of your labor.

This is a WAVES level workshop that counts towards 5R Teacher Training Requirements.



Madrid - 4 Dec 2020 to 6 Dec 2020
Irene Hernandez Sanchez



Lokale docenten

Azahara Galan Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid   Danst sinds: 2011

“When I let the body follow the breath, a whole new world opens up”

More Information and Schedule
Irene Hernandez Sanchez Murcia, Region de Murcia Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2009

“Dancing brings me here and now. It helps me re-connect my body-mind-spirit , relate to others clearer and from love, and deeply trust in the divine.”

More Information and Schedule
Helena Barquilla Panadero Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana Geeft les sinds: 2007 Danst sinds: 2003

More Information and Schedule
Francisca Peñalver Region de Murcia Geeft les sinds: 2016 Danst sinds: 2008

“Nothing happens until something moves. Albert Einstein”

More Information and Schedule
Serafine Klarwein Palma, Islas Baleares Geeft les sinds: 2016 Danst sinds: 2007

“Calming the mind, Listening to the body, Dreaming the soul, Loving the spirit, Yours and mine. Together, we will flow and flicker. Together, we will rise and shine. Breathing life into our dance and dancing breath into our lives. ”

More Information and Schedule
Ana Escoda Vitoria Geeft les sinds: 2016 Danst sinds: 1989

“I learned about this beautiful map long time ago when I was a Modern Dancer in New York. The first reading of the book already had an effect in my understanding about both my body and my dance and inspired as well my dance teaching. ”

More Information and Schedule
Juli Borras (Teacher In Training) Barcelona, Catalunya   Danst sinds: 2015

“The 5Rhythms are a map to everywhere we want to go—inner, outer, forward, back, physical, emotional, intellectual—they reconnect us to the wisdom of our bodies and unleash movement’s dynamic healing power”

More Information and Schedule
Emma Llaneza (Teacher In Training) Barcelona, Catalunya   Danst sinds: 2013

“Dance like everybody's watching. Dance like your children are watching, your ancestors, your family. Dance for those who're hurting,those who can't dance,those who lost loved ones,those who suffer injustices throughout the world. Express your TRUTH.”

More Information and Schedule
Laura Carrasco (Teacher In Training) Malaga, Andalucia   Danst sinds: 2012

“Dance gives me life and returns me to every movement”

More Information and Schedule
Janis Fernandez (Teacher In Training) Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid   Danst sinds: 2011

“Dance like nobody is watching Baila como si nadie estuviera mirando”

More Information and Schedule
Oscar Iborra (Sweat SpaceHolder) -   Danst sinds: 2009

“You didn't really think this was about dancing, did you?

No creerías de verdad que esto era sobre bailar, ¿no?

(Gabrielle Roth)”

More Information and Schedule
Noelia Cuellar (Sweat SpaceHolder) Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana    

“I discover the parts of my body, heart and soul throught the movement. Dance helps me to integrate and recognize that I am whole.”

More Information and Schedule
Noemi Soto (Sweat SpaceHolder) -   Danst sinds: 2016

More Information and Schedule
Gabriela Ibanez (Sweat SpaceHolder) -   Danst sinds: 2016

“I am so grateful to be alive and have a body to be and dance, a mind to think, a heart to love, a soul to see and a spirit to heal. ”

More Information and Schedule
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