Texas, New Mexico, Arizona

Between the head and feet of every person is a billion miles of unexplored territory.

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Sunday Morning 5RPractice Next Class 23 Feb 2020 Dallas Mati Vargas-Gibson
Step Into Yes! Next Class 7 Mar 2020 Austin Lisa DeLand
Beneath Words Next Class 8 Mar 2020 Houston Lisa DeLand
Phoenix 5Rhythms Waves Class Next Class 14 Mar 2020 Phoenix Melanie Cooley

Actuele Workshops

Spring Day Retreat Foundations for Healing and Well-being

Dallas - 7 Mar 2020 to 7 Mar 2020
Mati Vargas-Gibson

5Rhythms Spring Day Retreat
Foundations for Healing and Well-being
Movement Meditation and Deep Nurture in Nature & Community
with Mati Vargas-Gibson

"If you put the body in motion the psyche will heal itself"
"Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman.Awakening our innate powers of being, loving, knowing, seeing, and healing involves ongoing work at all levels and in all dimensions of our self." Gabrielle Roth

Last weekend the Lodge, the Land and the Labyrinth at Springhill Retreat Center held us beautifully in a day of deep dances, spaciousness, stillness and joy, together in community and companionship between humans, land spirits, animals, and love. It was really magical, so we are doing it again!

Join us as we move into Spring and dedicate a full day to dancing towards a full state of well-being. Movement will activate our physical body. The land will nourish our spirit. The group will share attention and love needed for our souls. We will create a deep movement inquiry about the places in ourselves that are in need of healing, and use the dance as medicine for regaining wellness and balance, for gathering all our life force back in order to act in the world from a place of wholeness as we step into the active days of Spring and beyond.

The lodge at Springhill Retreat Center in Richardson will provide us with a spacious yet intimate container for our dances. An outdoor labyrinth (weather permitting) for moving in nature into the center of ourselves and out back into the dance. A kitchen to share a meal. And a fire for a closing ceremonial ritual.

5Rhythms is a simple yet potent movement practice for our times. It is a practice because we enter each dance as entering a mystery for the first time. We practice trusting our feet, listening to and expressing our heart, letting go and surrendering to the beat, shapeshifting into the lightness of being and emptying into the essence of being.

We do this when we dance every Wave. And when we can do Wave after Wave in the same day, we receive the blessings of profound dance medicine.

I hope you join us!



Santa Fe - 24 Apr 2020 to 26 Apr 2020
Lorca Simons

Live Wire is a movement based theater lab, a dynamic, raw experimental base where anything can happen. A poetic landscape that is at the root and heart of 5Rhythms practice.

For more information about LORCA SIMONS & LIVE WIRE: 


To register: https://chloegoodwin.com/workshops-%26-events

Live Wire Soul Threading 

Santa Fe, New Mexico April 24th -26th 2020


The Railyard Performance Center 

1611 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501


$215 before April 1 

$245 After April 1 


Friday April 24: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm 

Saturday April 25: 2pm - 8pm

Sunday April 26th: 1pm - 5pm 


Chloe Goodwin: rhythmbody5@gmail.com

Register at: https://chloegoodwin.com/workshops-%26-events

About Lorca:

Lorca is a certified 5Rhythms facilitator dedicated to the creation of physical theatre that is both interactive and transformative. 

She was born and raised in Texas where she grew up in her father’s experimental theatre company Hip Pocket Theatre. As an artistic associate she has been involved in producing original works for 47 years. A graduate of The University of North Carolina School of the Arts theatre conservatory. Educated in both experimental and traditional theatre. She has blazed through productions in New York City from Off Broadway to fringe, as well as television and film.

Lorca followed her instincts to the unique directing vibration known as Gabrielle Roth and a 19 year creative collaboration bloomed. She studied and trained with Gabrielle from the mid-90’s and was a co-founder and a co-director of 5RT, the experimental theatre wing of the 5Rhythms world, a place she stepped into with her expansive Texan feet, collaborating on numerous original productions and international workshops. In response to Gabrielle Roth’s investigation into what it means to be an authentic human being Lorca created Live Wire 5Rhythms Theatre which is dedicated to the creation of physical theater that is both interactive and transformative. Live Wire labs, Breath in Motion, Roots, Electric Landscapes, Silhouette, Wing Span, Soul Threading, Live Wire and On The Verge are rooted in a visionary and rigorous technique for people to become true “athletes of the heart" exploring and investigating the depths of the human spirit. 

She is committed to scattering the seeds of this transformative process. 



Lokale docenten

Lisa DeLand Austin, Texas Geeft les sinds: 2007 Danst sinds: 1994

More Information and Schedule
Mati Vargas-Gibson Dallas, Texas Geeft les sinds: 2007 Danst sinds: 1998

“"If it moves, it moves"”

More Information and Schedule
Linda Susanne (Susie) Haces Dallas, Texas Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 1974

More Information and Schedule
Chloe Goodwin Santa Fe, New Mexico Geeft les sinds: 2010 Danst sinds: 1999

More Information and Schedule
Melanie Cooley Tucson, Arizona   Danst sinds: 1991

“At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, a complex form...which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything in the universe. ~George Leonard”

More Information and Schedule
Visudha de los Santos Taos, New Mexico Geeft les sinds: 2007 Danst sinds: 1995

“The deeper we go into, and be with the mystery, the more mysterious life becomes, and in that, life becomes both more meaningful and enchanting. Through moving ritual, oneness arises, and we discover a depth of presence lacking in ordinary moments.”

More Information and Schedule
Raven Tompkins (Sweat SpaceHolder) Taos, New Mexico   Danst sinds: 2014

“Creation, destruction, I am dancing for them both. - Rumi”

More Information and Schedule
Manuela Welton (Sweat SpaceHolder) Santa Fe, New Mexico   Danst sinds: 2012

“Freedom comes within the expression of letting go, accessing the music within and giving ourselves the permission to be who we are, as we are. Not only on the dancefloor but in everyday life. ”

More Information and Schedule
Melissa McLamb (Sweat SpaceHolder) Albuquerque, New Mexico   Danst sinds: 1987

“You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open. Martha Graham ”

More Information and Schedule
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