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Meeting Point

Izola - 25 Jun 2021 to 27 Jun 2021
Martina Motl - Anze Bertoncelj

 Dear dancers,

how can we meet ourselves in the dance?

What do we need to fully support our dance when we are with others?

What is stopping us? And how can we transform that?

We live in turbulent times, let’s connect and take away the pressure. How? The best way possible. With 5Rhythms practice. In this 3 day workshop we will create safe container for us to investigate meeting point in our body's inner wisdom in the rhythm of Flowing, express our heart in the rhythm of Staccato, release expectations of our mind in the rhythm of Chaos, let ourself be surprised by our own soul dance in the rhythm of Lyrical, and land in sweet point in the rhythm of Stillness.

25th June – 27th June 2021


Friday, June 25th, 18.00 - 20.30

Saturday, June 26th, 11.00 - 18.00*

Sunday, June 27th, 10.30 - 17.00*

*1,5 - 2 hours lunch break

LOCATION: Hotel Delfin, Tomažičeva ulica 10, 6310 Izola, Slovenia

BOOKINGS: https://forms.gle/YeXd3uH9YwLoqUJ27

INFORMATIONS: Anže - anze.bertoncelj@gmail.com, 00386 40 210 440

WORKSHOP PRICE: full (after June 16th) – 210 €,

Early bird until June 16th (sliding scale) – 120-175 €

Only Open Wave (sliding scale) – 15-20 €*

*for participants of the Workshop, Open Wave is included into the price

Martina Motl

I have 15 years of experience in teaching art, doing theatre work and practicing intuitive singing. For eight years I have been leading regular weekly 5Rhythms dance classes in Ljubljana, the Waves level, and I lead workshops in Slovenia and abroad. I teach with passion and combine knowledge with inspiration. I am presently training for the Heartbeat level and I remain a committed student of the 5Rhythms practice.

Anže Bertoncelj

I´m social worker by proffesion and have wide range of experiences working with different vulnerable groups. As Sweat SpaceHolder, I´ve been holding space for 5Rhythms classes for 3 years, currently i'm on training to become 5Rhythms Teacher. I'm organising classes and workshops for more than 8 years. I have recently finished study of Sistemic Family Constellations. When i don't dance, I love hiking to the mountains, playing football, travelling and immersing my body in ice cold water.


The Embodiment of Wilderness

Velenje - 2 Jul 2021 to 4 Jul 2021
Martina Motl

 “Inside me, endless waves.

Infinite shades.

If only I would stop and listen. ”


Dear woman ,

wondering why the group is just for womens? Because you called me and expressed a desire that we are alone, that we take time just for ourselves. It happened for the first time at Zoom meetings and even today I am amazed at how much support we offered each other, what we all created during that time, and the soul healings that took place along the way. And this online! What will be live.

That is why I invite you to travel to our depths, below the surface. I invite you to come exactly as you are, without unnecessary ideas of what I need to be to be able to dance. Just the way you are, you are welcome at this moment. Tired of everything? Welcome. Full of hope and curiosity? Welcome.

Congested? Welcome. Too skinny, abundant, wrapped in the flower of youth or in wisdom? Welcome. Without fitness? Welcome. In exceptional condition? Welcome.

The weekend break will take place on the beautiful Veduna estate, where we will be pampered with beautiful views, exceptional homemade food and in the embrace of pleasant accommodation.

2nd July – 4th July 2021


Friday, July 2nd, 17.00 - 19.00

Saturday, July 3rd, 11.00 - 18.00*

Sunday, July 4th, 10.30 - 17.00*

*1,5 - 2 hours lunch break

LOCATION: Veduna, retreat centre, Lopatnik 4, 3320 Velenje, Slovenia - https://vedunaretreats.com/

BOOKINGS: https://forms.gle/51UAimProPasT7Zv7

INFORMATIONS: Martina - martina_motl@yahoo.com, 00386 31 616 267

WORKSHOP PRICE: full – 210€,

early bird until June 18th – 175€


Single room (320/280 EUR per person, for three days, two nights + meals)

Double room (216 EUR per person for three days, two nights + meals)

3-bed room (188 EUR per person, for three days, two nights + meals)

Shared beds for 6 persons (148 EUR per person, for three days, two nights + meals)

About the 5Rhythms method:

Before attending the weekend break, I invite you to read the book Maps to Ecstasy, Gabrielle Roth. The founder of the method artificially takes you through the landscapes of rhythms. She names five forms of energies and draws maps from them: Flowing rhythm is the rhythm of liberation and softness, Staccato rhythm is the rhythm of setting boundaries and expression, Chaos rhythm is the rhythm of abandonment, Lyrical rhythm is the rhythm of joy and hope and Stillness rhythm is the space of insights and healing and many more. The whole theory, however, is meaningless if we do not experience it. Welcome to the experience. Previous dance experience is not a prerequisite, if you can walk, you can also dance.

About me:

Last 8 years leading weekly classes in Ljubljana, weekend workshops at home and abroad. When I’m not dancing I teach art. I lead by following. The waves are also trapped in my hair. And the musical wave of 5Rhythms that we dance is always different and created for the needs of the group. I have more than 20 years of experience, including a professional exam in education. Enthusiastic about the power of the group, which gathers and travels on the maps of 5Rhythms. I am fascinated by the power of transformation that happens when we bring the experience from the dance floor to life. Your stories of transformation fill me and are my greatest inspiration. In holding the space, I combine knowledge from the world of writing, intuitive singing, art, theater and the Family Constellation method. I am an accredited member of the 5Rhythms Global International Federation of Teachers and I am constantly educating myself, I am currently training to work on Heartbeat maps, Gabrielle Roth.

Painted by: Anja Kranjc


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