The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body.

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Monday Evening Waves Bradford Rose Karen Ramsay
Oxford Monday Wave Oxford Irem Luqman
5Rhythms Mondays in Sharrow Sheffield Sarah Blagg
LIVE ON THE LINE 1:1 SESSIONS with Lorca Chalford Lorca Simons
Online Breeze London Jason Rowe
Dance in Glastonbury Glastonbury Jean Rankin
5Rhythms in Liverpool Liverpool Mark Austin
Monday Waves London London Dean Kayum
ONLINE - Wake & Shake Monday morning @Home West Midlands Neil Pinnock
5RHYTHMS SPECIAL EVENTS New Years Day Evening Sheffield Sarah Blagg
5Rhythms Sweat Bristol Jon Ralls


5Rhythms Birmingham - Open Classes Birmingham Neil Pinnock
LIVE ON THE LINE 1:1 SESSIONS with Lorca Chalford Lorca Simons
The Tuesday Vibration Bristol Tim Barnes
Movement as Metaphor East Sussex Emma Leech
IN PERSON - EMBODY YOUR BEAT, 5Rhythms, Eversholt Tuesdays in person & online Milton Keynes Lucy Howgego


LIVE ON THE LINE 1:1 SESSIONS with Lorca Chalford Lorca Simons
Wednesday Waves Leeds Ben Deutsch
We Dance at the Grove London Nikki Ashley
ONLINE - Wednesday Waves Birmingham Neil Pinnock
HOME London Liz Baron-Cohen


5Rhythms at York PSC Yorkshire Chris Boylan
Thursday Waves London Jason Rowe
LIVE ON THE LINE 1:1 SESSIONS with Lorca Chalford Lorca Simons
The 5Rhythms Prayer London Ajay Rajani
Rhythm Circle weekly closed group (2024, term1) Bristol Bernadette Ryder
5Rhythms in Manchester Manchester Alex Mackay
5Rhythms Sweat Derby Nina Stubbs-Mason


In person BareSouls 5Rhythms ® class London Katarzyna Kat Pugowska
Friday 5 Rhythms Bristol Bernadette Ryder
IN PERSON & ONLINE, 5Rhythms, Weekly, Letchworth Fridays, EMBODY YOUR BEAT, Letchworth Lucy Howgego
LIVE ON THE LINE 1:1 SESSIONS with Lorca Chalford Lorca Simons
Body & Breath - morning movement meditation [ONLINE] Leeds Ben Deutsch
Friday 5Rhytms Oxford Oxford Dean Kayum
Simply Being 5Rhythms London Richard Wiltshire
Brighton & Hove - Friday Waves Brighton Paul Smith
Friday Beat London Stuart Phillips
Faversham Funky 5Rhythms Fridays Faversham Bradley Starkey


ONLINE Deep Dive Waves London Ewelina Jendrzejczak
Move n'Groove London Catherine Bessin
Move & Groove London Judit Juhasz


Sunday "Sweat Your Prayers" Brighton Neda Nenadic
Sunday Mornings 5Rhythms BODY PRAYER London Ruth Hirst
5Rhythms Sweat London Flow Vulk
Sunday morning online Bradford Rose Karen Ramsay

Periodic Classes

Dancing in the City Next Class 23 Feb 2024 Sheffield Eliza Bouwens
5Rhythms Sweat Next Class 23 Feb 2024 Malvern Miranda White
Guildford Monthly Wave Next Class 23 Feb 2024 Guildford Irem Luqman
KEW - 5Rhythms with Live Music (Live Rhythms) Next Class 23 Feb 2024 London Ruth Hirst
Women's 5Rhythms Full Moon Dance Next Class 24 Feb 2024 London Nikki Ashley
Reading Monthly Saturday Wave Next Class 24 Feb 2024 Reading Irem Luqman
5Rhythms Sweat - Glastonbury Sunday Sweat Next Class 25 Feb 2024 Glastonbury Ben Grassby
5Rhythms Calderdale Next Class 25 Feb 2024 Halifax Ben Deutsch
The Rhythms Club for over 60 Next Class 27 Feb 2024 London Nikki Ashley
Insides Out Next Class 28 Feb 2024 London Judit Juhasz
Sweat Your Prayers Next Class 29 Feb 2024 London Judit Juhasz
5Rhythms Sweat Next Class 1 Mar 2024 Hereford Miranda White
Essential Rhythms Next Class 4 Mar 2024 Malvern Neil Pinnock
Let the Light Shine In - Closed Group Next Class 4 Mar 2024 London Stuart Phillips
CambsDance Next Class 8 Mar 2024 Cambridge Irem Luqman
Funky Friday Next Class 8 Mar 2024 East Sussex Emma Leech
5Rhythms Auspicious Spiral Next Class 9 Mar 2024 Norfolk Mary Hedger
Friday Waves Next Class 15 Mar 2024 Cambridge Jason Rowe
South London Waves Next Class 20 Mar 2024 London Tim Barnes
Sweat Your Prayers Next Class 22 Mar 2024 Glastonbury Jean Rankin
5Rhythms Southampton Next Class 13 Apr 2024 Southampton Ruth Hirst
5Rhythms @ South London Dance Community Next Class 17 Apr 2024 London Ruth Hirst
Friday Waves Next Class 26 Apr 2024 Cambridge Ruth Hirst
Dance Kew Next Class 7 Jun 2024 London Ajay Rajani
Summer Celebration Wave Next Class 8 Jun 2024 Somerset Jean Rankin
Breakthrough - Closed Group Next Class 9 Sep 2024 London Stuart Phillips
WOODS DANCES Next Class 19 Dec 2024 Sheffield Sarah Blagg
Brighton Saturday Wave (not active) Next Class 3 Jan 2025 Brighton Paul Smith

Actuele Workshops

Discipline of Nourishment- Closed Group

Brighton - 16 Nov 2023 to 14 Mar 2024
Neda Nenadic

 The abundant pot of 5Rhythms®️ is boundless and bottomless.

How many times we pour this wisdom into

our cup is up to us.

Paradoxically the more

we pour in the more empty we become.

Empty to fully embrace life.

Nourishing oneself on every level of our being takes practice and discipline.

To nourish, 

to rest, and to inspire oneself, 

are such intertwined life skills to navigate the challenges and changes in life; in a constructive and healing manner. 

We are having this wonderful opportunity to join the 5Rhythms®️ closed group that will meet once a month in the Rottingdean studio.

To connect and support each other to drop deeper into our creative process and embodiment through the 5Rhythms®️ maps.

Focusing on healing nourishment in each rhythm:

What nourishes our body?-Flowing 

What nourishes our heart?-Staccato

What nourishes our mind?-Chaos 

What nourishes our soul?-Lyrical 

What nourishes our spirit?-Stillness 

To refresh and deepen the understanding of the 5Rhythms®️ maps & five threads of intuitive wisdom.

In each module, 

we will explore the qualities of each rhythm, 

and in between the modules, 

there will be an invitation to implement the 

5Rhythms®️ daily to inspire our physical, emotional, mental and soulful being through these winter days.


Calling ~ A 5Rhythms Stillness Residential in Deep Nature

Halifax - 23 Feb 2024 to 25 Feb 2024
Francis Michael Eliot


An initiation into receiving directly from Mother Earth through the transformative medium of movement. During the mornings, evenings & mealtimes we will be held in the comforts of our exquisite venue The Hebden Bridge Sanctuary which include hot tub, sauna, underfloor heated movement studio, indoor & outdoor fire, cozy accommodation & wholesome food.
For our sessions we will venture outdoors to move in harmony with the soothing & inspiring textures of nature. We’ll move with the visceral touch of her wild foliage on our skin. We’ll each make an individual prayer fire to which we’ll offer our prayers through dance. We’ll merge with the sound & feel of flowing river, merging with her movements of surrender. We’ll take clean air into our hearts & bodies, celebrating our remembrance of the important things in life. And we’ll allow our breath & entire organism to rediscover its natural dance as we listen to the sweet song of nature.

• Feb 23rd, 5pm – Feb 25th, 5pm
• £295 fully residential/ £195 non-residential (£95 non refundable deposit to secure your place).
• 16 places only. Various accommodation options available.
• Venue: Hebden Bridge Sanctuary, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 7AB
• Includes delicious wholesome meals, giant hot tub, sauna, outdoor fire, forest walking & optional waterfall swim.
• Booking: email francis@awakenedpresence.org


Lokale docenten

Emma Leech London Geeft les sinds: 2001 Danst sinds: 1991

“Dance is my passion, My Love affair with life on the dance floor....”

More Information and Schedule
Mark Austin Manchester   Danst sinds: 2008

“So much time we spend thinking as adults in the modern world! Let’s get back to the body, feel the music and reconnect with ourselves and eachother!”

More Information and Schedule
Jean Rankin Glastonbury Geeft les sinds: 2007 Danst sinds: 1997

“What a wonderful way to move through life! to dance, to pray, to sweat, to love, to savour every breath!”

More Information and Schedule
Andrew Holmes Somerset Geeft les sinds: 1997 Danst sinds: 1992

“How do we live?
How do we heal?
How do we better serve those around us?
How do we love?
How do we rest more often in the arms of Spirit?”

More Information and Schedule
Catherine Bessin London   Danst sinds: 2010

“"Do your dance! It's the most natural thing, feet first!"”

More Information and Schedule
Ajay Rajani London Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2009

“Forget the dancer. Become the dance. That is the meditation. - Osho”

More Information and Schedule
Richard Wiltshire London Geeft les sinds: 2016 Danst sinds: 2005

“We are the facilitators of our own creative healing journey.”

More Information and Schedule
Neda Nenadic Brighton Geeft les sinds: 2010 Danst sinds: 1981

“The beat is a lover that never disappoints and, like all lovers, it demands 100 percent surrender. We dance to fall in love with the spirit in all things. Gabrielle Roth”

More Information and Schedule
Judit Juhasz London    

More Information and Schedule
Bernadette Ryder Bristol Geeft les sinds: 1997 Danst sinds: 1994

More Information and Schedule
Francis Michael Eliot Hebden Bridge Geeft les sinds: 2004 Danst sinds: 1999

“I teach as I would like to be taught: with sensitivity, integrity & a deep understanding of the transformative power of the 5Rhythms practice. ”

More Information and Schedule
Nikki Ashley London Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2005

“Dancing the 5Rhythms connects me to the ever-present yet invisible divine life force that moves us all. ”

More Information and Schedule
James Hogan Guildford   Danst sinds: 2012

More Information and Schedule
Mary Hedger Norfolk   Danst sinds: 2010

“Plug into the bigger picture. Feel the transformation. - Jonathan Horan”

More Information and Schedule
Ewelina Jendrzejczak London Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2000

“Sometimes it can take a few steps to get to our deepest truth. As we get closer and closer to it within ourselves, we can feel a huge vibratory shift in our body that signals we have arrived. The vibration is our aliveness returning. - C. Caldwell”

More Information and Schedule
Bradley Starkey Canterbury Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2000

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. Howard Thurman ”

More Information and Schedule
Liz Collier -   Danst sinds: 1996

“I'm an artist/improviser and a spacious facilitator-please join me as we explore the generous maps of the 5rhythms. ”

More Information and Schedule
Rose Karen Ramsay Bradford, West Yorkshire Geeft les sinds: 2010 Danst sinds: 2003

More Information and Schedule
Stuart Phillips London   Danst sinds: 2007

“Each of the rhythms takes us on a journey, the body being the vehicle and the wave our map.....with these we can go anywhere”

More Information and Schedule
Irem Luqman Oxford   Danst sinds: 2014

“The dance is not where we lose ourselves. But where we find ourselves. - Gabrielle Roth”

More Information and Schedule
Jason Rowe London Geeft les sinds: 2010 Danst sinds: 2003

“Yes to Life!”

More Information and Schedule
Neil Pinnock West Midlands Geeft les sinds: 2007 Danst sinds: 2001

““Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.” ― Osho, ”

More Information and Schedule
Ben Deutsch Leeds, West Yorkshire Geeft les sinds: 2016 Danst sinds: 2005

“Bring your whole self to the dancefloor.”

More Information and Schedule
Katarzyna Kat Pugowska London Geeft les sinds: 2010 Danst sinds: 1998

““Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free.” ”

More Information and Schedule
John Porter - Geeft les sinds: 2004  

“'Your soul is born out of the unity of your body, your heart, your mind, and it is moved by universal spirit' (Gabrielle Roth, Connections, Jeremy Tarcher/Penguin, page 114)”

More Information and Schedule
Reem Behzad Doha, ~   Danst sinds: 2008

“I dance because I value freedom in every shape & form.”

More Information and Schedule
Yiannis Thrasyvoulou London Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2007

“Dance until the dancer disappears and only the dance remains OSHO”

More Information and Schedule
Shoshana Diamond Stowe, Vermont Geeft les sinds: 2007 Danst sinds: 1998

“ ”

More Information and Schedule
Catherine Stagg-Macey (Teacher In Training) Petersfield, Hampshire   Danst sinds: 2012

“"Respond to every call that excites your spirit" Rumi”

More Information and Schedule
Flow Vulk (Teacher In Training) London   Danst sinds: 2014

“ Have courage. Dig deep to fly high. ”

More Information and Schedule
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