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The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body.

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Sunday Sunset Waves Charlottesville Debby Norton

Periodic Classes

5Rhythms Fundamentals Next Class 9 Mar 2024 Charlottesville Jeffrey Boynton
Waves: A 5Rhythms Movement Meditation (In-Person) Next Class 17 Mar 2024 Richmond Jeffrey Boynton

Actuele Workshops

The Heart of Sadness

Bethesda - 9 Mar 2024 to 9 Mar 2024
Ann Kite

Step into a day of gentle introspection and emotional discovery at our "Embracing Sadness" workshop. Within this nurturing space, we invite you to explore the depths of sadness with compassion and understanding.

Under the compassionate guidance of Ann, whose wisdom reflects the timeless words of Rumi, "The wound is the place where the Light enters you," this one-day retreat provides a sanctuary for participants to honor their feelings of sadness and learn to navigate them with grace. Through guided moving meditation, reflective exercises, and heartfelt group discussions, you'll uncover the profound beauty and healing potential of this often misunderstood emotion.

Whether you're seeking to deepen your understanding of your own sadness or simply longing for a supportive community to share your journey, this workshop warmly welcomes all who seek to embrace their emotions with gentleness and acceptance.

Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Secure your place today and take the first step towards fostering a more compassionate relationship with your emotions.


EQUILIBRIUM: a 5Rhythms Workshop on the Polarities of Presence

Charlottesville - 15 Mar 2024 to 17 Mar 2024
Jeffrey Boynton

This spacious season of darkness, of lengthening days and growing light cradles us in an essential restorative energy, a contemplative space of consciousness and presence. The coming season of spring brings an equilibrium between day and night, and time for stirring, germination and awakening for many forms of life in this hemisphere. Sap rises, heart rates quicken out of hibernation, birds return from warmer climates, filling the empty skies. Buds swell and shoots break the surface of the forest floor as the ground begins to thaw. We venture out of the warmth inside our homes, back into the outdoors, with practices that renew and refresh.

As we approach the vernal equinox, we invite you to dance the polarities of the 5Rhythms as we explore each rhythm in it’s endarkened and enlightened expression. This journey of movement, connection, ritual, and integration is offered as a waypoint on your path to the refreshing, creative, and exhilarating energy of renewal that spring can offer.

Friday March 15: 6-9pm

Saturday March 16: 11-6 pm

Sunday March 17: 9-3pm 

Workshop will take place at:

Center Studio, 961 2nd St SE, Suite 306, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Full Workshop:

Sponsor*: $ 335.00 | Standard: $285.00 | Reduced Rate: $235.00

Friday night only:

Sponsor*: $ 50.00 | Standard: $40.00 | Reduced Rate: $30.00

*Your payment at Sponsor level allows another to pay the reduced rate.

*If the reduced rate would still prevent your participation please complete the registration form and then email connect@afterbefore with your request.

This workshop counts as 2.5 days (15 Hours) of Waves for those on the 5Rhythms Teacher Training path.


Lokale docenten

Debby Norton Charlottesville, Virginia   Danst sinds: 2008

More Information and Schedule
Rebecca Young Edinburg, Virginia   Danst sinds: 2001

“Mr. Dufy lived a short distance from his body. James Joyce ”

More Information and Schedule
Jeffrey Boynton Charlottesville, Virginia Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2001

“Life happens when the tectonic power of your speechless soul breaks through the dead habits of the mind. - John Patrick Shanley, preface of the play Doubt”

More Information and Schedule
Samantha Lane Charlottesville, Virginia   Danst sinds: 1973

More Information and Schedule
Ann Kite Charlottesville, Virginia Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2008

More Information and Schedule
Karen Chapman Asheville, North Carolina Geeft les sinds: 2016 Danst sinds: 2005

“Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! And Shine! Buddha”

More Information and Schedule
Rebecca Henderson Kentucky   Danst sinds: 1989

More Information and Schedule
Barbara Marlowe Asheville, North Carolina Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2003

“The 5R leads me home again and again. ”

More Information and Schedule
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