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The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body.

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Rhythm Lab: A 5Rhythms® Monthly Exploration Next Class 30 Sep 2023 Charlottesville Jeffrey Boynton
Waves: A 5Rhythms Movement Meditation (In-Person) Next Class 1 Oct 2023 Richmond Jeffrey Boynton

Actuele Workshops

The Power of Loving

Asheville - 22 Sep 2023 to 24 Sep 2023
Lucia Horan

 Love is not a mood, but a dynamic way of being. 

- Gabrielle Roth

The spontaneous heart is one that knows how to love and be loved. The Heartbeat map is a guide to how our emotional energy moves and morphs. In this practice we embody the art of being a fluid emotional athlete. This map teaches us how to navigate the emotional terrain of life without getting stuck, holding on, or pushing away.

We will explore how the body has been shaped by our emotions. Through the technique of the 5Rhythms practice, you will be shown skills and techniques to work with emotions in a healthy and creative way.

The 5Rhythms Heartbeat map is a path to understanding how the energies of the heart are transformed. The investigation is focused on how these energies come into us, move through us and transform us into more powerful and resilient human beings. 

In we Flowing dance with fear and courage. In Staccato we dance with anger and forgiveness. In Chaos we dance with grief, and surrender into emptiness. In Lyrical we dance in joy and generosity. In Stillness we dance in compassion and connection.

Each session will be primarily focused on the 5Rhythms moving meditation. We will integrate each movement session with a seated meditation practice, focused on one of the Buddhist Heart Practices (brahmavihārā); equanimity, compassion, loving-kindness and joy.

In sitting meditation, we have the opportunity to observe the mind and body at rest through silent introspection. In 5Rhythms, we engage in mindfulness while in motion. The two polarities of moving and sitting meditation together mirror the dance of life and support cultivation of well-being and balance. 

All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms® teacher training prerequisites.

This workshop is designed for everyone, of every age, and shape. 


1 Day Waves

Bethesda - 4 Nov 2023 to 4 Nov 2023
Ann Kite



Lokale docenten

Jeffrey Boynton Charlottesville, Virginia Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2001

“Life happens when the tectonic power of your speechless soul breaks through the dead habits of the mind. - John Patrick Shanley, preface of the play Doubt”

More Information and Schedule
Samantha Lane Charlottesville, Virginia   Danst sinds: 1973

More Information and Schedule
Ann Kite Charlottesville, Virginia Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2008

More Information and Schedule
Karen Chapman Asheville, North Carolina Geeft les sinds: 2016 Danst sinds: 2005

“Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! And Shine! Buddha”

More Information and Schedule
Rebecca Young Edinburg, Virginia   Danst sinds: 2001

“Mr. Dufy lived a short distance from his body. James Joyce ”

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Deborah Norton Charlottesville, Virginia   Danst sinds: 2008

More Information and Schedule
Rebecca Henderson Kentucky   Danst sinds: 1989

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Barbara Marlowe Asheville, North Carolina Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2003

“The 5R leads me home again and again. ”

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Sarah Aili (Sweat SpaceHolder) Nashville, Tennessee   Danst sinds: 2006

“"Be the Change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi”

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