The body is the metaphor for all universal truths.

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Belgrade - 10 Nov 2023 to 12 Nov 2023
Arjan Bouw

 Feeling shame can be extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable.

It can also be way to enter a space of real intimacy with oneself and another.

If we would not know shame, with other words if we would be shameless, that would mean being senseless, out of touch, and exceedingly self-absorbed; therefore, shamelessness lives only in people who don’t have any relational skills.

Shame grows big in secrecy and creates isolation and loneliness. Shame can be healthy if it is brought into contact into an empathic relationship.

The word shame comes from a variety of European words that literally mean “to cover, to veil, to hide”. In this workshop we will investigate how shames shapes our body so we get to recognize its movements. We will slowly uncover ourselves and show parts of our authentic selves in front of others.

Humor is very welcome to bring along. It helps to take ourselves lightly and show our vulnerabilities and imperfections that make us unique relational beings.


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