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Lesvos - 20 Jul 2020 to 24 Jul 2020
Alexa Schmid



Re-Treat yourself

Paros - 27 Jul 2020 to 31 Jul 2020
Thierry Francois

 Sensit Yoga and 5 Rhythms - two conscious movement practices coming together at Tao's Center on the gorgeous island of Paros

With Maja Zilih, the embodied yoga somatics will journey us through our inner landscapes, inviting the mind and body to merge into oneness. With Thierry Francois we will embody a dynamic wave of energy, accessing the true nature of our being. Together, Sensit Yoga and 5 Rhythms will cleanse and rejuvenate the body, liberate the mind, and ground us in our essence!

About Sensit Yoga

Sensit Yoga is a practice of being present to the arising feelings and sensations, while engaged in movement. It is an act of listening to ourselves on a deeper level, such as the level of our bones, organs, glands or fluids. Increased sensitivity enables us to feel the places in our body that tend to store tension. We can then re-pattern by releasing this tension consciously through movement, breath, sound and use of gravity. When the energy that was holding the tension gets freed up, what arises is a peaceful, effortless and energized way of moving and being. 

About 5 Rhythms

5 Rhythms is a movement meditation practice created and developed over many decades by Gabrielle Roth. The practice is a simple and practical movement map which consist of 5 energetic patterns that exist through ourselves. Put together in a sequence we embody a dynamic wave of energy. There are no steps to learn, no special technique, just the great exploration of discovering the dancer within you. Following the path of this simple practice can catalyse change, expand awareness, release creativity and activate healing and deep transformation. Like all effective practices the more you practice the more you become accessible to the true nature of your being. We all have a dancer within us and the map of this work will inspire the endless possibilities and the ever growing potential to express this.


Yoga and dance sessions: 

Before 1st of March, early bird price = 300 Euros. 

After 1st of March, regular price = 340 Euros.

Accommodation for 4 nights: 

From 270 to 670 Euros, depending on the room type.

More information and registration:


Lokale docenten

Gramya Michal Molho Lesvos   Danst sinds: 2010

“Dance is the bridge to meditation, dance is the bridge to painting, dance is the bridge to psychology. Because dance means your body is saying yes to life. Without this energy of saying yes to life, you can't really look at your issues with dignity, ”

More Information and Schedule
Patty Petropoulou Athens Geeft les sinds: 2014 Danst sinds: 2011

“Ι'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them.

Pina Bausch”

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