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Adam Barley

United Kingdom


5Rhythms Teacher since 1994

Tribe Member since 1988


When I was a messed up 17 year-old nerd studying Further Maths, our teacher gave us the most inspiring lesson of my entire education, showing us the extraordinary beauty and elegance of the relationship between the five most fundamental numbers in existence.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago, when I was at very low ebb in many ways. Wondering about becoming a gardener. Seriously! Then I had one of those breakthroughs that often come at crisis points, changing everything. I realised that this iconic equation from my teens is actually exactly the same pattern as the 5Rhythms.

Not just kinda-like-it, but precisely the same. Each number has the exact quality of one of the rhythms, but even more fascinating, the relationship between them precisely describes the relationship between all five rhythms.

For example, maybe you know that Lyrical is the unification of Flowing, Staccato and Chaos? Well, the maths tells us exactly how. They’re not just mushed together like a smoothie; they have a specific interplay.

As a 5R nutcase with some knowledge of maths, I’d say that this concurrence is totally extraordinary. It actually spells out in raw scientific language what we all know: that there’s something incredibly special about the 5Rhythms. Profoundly so, because that equation is really IT in the world of maths, the purest of all the sciences.

Most exciting of all, through 2 years of research the maths has given me some deep new insights into the rhythms, showing up some things that have been hidden to me all these 29 years since I took my first 5R step.

Now there’s a workshop where you get to dance all this! The premier is happening in London in October. NO maths skills required: we’ll dance, exploring the rhythms with these new insights, and the vivid clarity that comes from the maths.

I’m more alive in my practice and teaching than I’ve ever been, and thrilled to be ready to share this.

NB: This is an Elective Level workshop, for those on the training path.


The God Pattern

with Adam Barley


27 October 2017 - 29 October 2017

tbc, London




Andrew Holmes

United Kingdom


5Rhythms Teacher since 1997

Tribe Member since 1992


When I first met the dance, I had been living in my mind for 30 years. I remember being asked to feel into my spine, and having no connection to the physical sensation - I just couldn’t feel it. I didn’t even know how to begin..

And being a “walking brain” I had never really been much of a dancer either. I had thrashed about and jumped up and down to punk as a teenager, but that was about it.. So I was immediately challenged and inspired in equal measure.

One of the things I’ve loved most about the practice, over the last 25 years, has been it’s profound invitation to include things. There’s something in the very elegant simplicity of its structure that invites us to welcome and explore not just flowing, but also staccato.. not just the blown-away power of my early chaos dances, but also the unfamiliar quietness and wonder of stillness.. to inhabit not just my mind, but also my body, and my heart, as fully as I can.

When I began, staccato was where I resonated. Now I’m the flowing one in our house. From being all mind, I’ve become utterly kinaesthetic - my body is where I go to feel what’s happening. And this was one of Gabrielle’s continual invitations - to explore, and embody, every possibility within ourselves, so that we are no longer stuck or held in any place, but can disappear more and more into the simple mystery of the dance.

In my teaching, I can feel the call of stillness more these days. I’m drawn to help us find the lyrical space where we can grow in graceful freedom, and the emptiness where we might find peace beyond suffering, and rest our selves in the wide embrace of Spirit.

It would be a pleasure to share a dance or two with you..​



with Andrew Holmes
06 October 2017 - 08 October 2017
ZeB Zentrum für Bewegung, Z




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