The body is the metaphor for all universal truths.

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Belgrade - 22 Mar 2024 to 24 Mar 2024
Thierry Francois

 “Fish don’t know that they are wet”

Chinese proverb


To define the concept of polarity, it is useful to consider two behaviors as separate, as split: incapable of coexisting. In Gestalt which I come from, we practice the way the repertoire of behaviors. By allowing movement toward one pole/way of being, we inevitably stretch the opposite pole. The intent is to have both/more parts available and to choose with awareness.

The practice of the 5 Rhythms invites us to accept that they can "complement each other".

The 5 Rhythms practice treats opposites as part of a whole, like yin and yang, shadows and lights, our polarities can co-exist as parts of a whole.

The list of polarities is endless, but perhaps one of the most important and common polarities in movement practice is that of body and mind. This weekend workshop gives us the opportunity to tap into the Rhythms so that they can teach us about unity, our own unity: body, mind, but also heart, soul and spirit.

To welcome our fluidity versus our rigidity, our clarity versus our confusion, our capacity of letting go versus our control, our lightness versus our heaviness, our silence versus the noise within us.

Then we're ready for Integration and assimilation, then we're ready to feel complete again, to feel whole.


Maestros Locales

Jelena Vajagic (Teacher In Training) Belgrade   Baila desde: 2010

“"Hard Times requires Ferocious Dance"”

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