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Let the Sunshine in - 5Rhythms with Martina Motl

Izola - 4 Aug 2021 to 8 Aug 2021
Martina Motl

 Movement practice of Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms®

Led by Martina Motl, certified 5Rhythms® teacher


What is holding you back?

What do you need to let go?

What will support your shine?

In this 5-day Workshop we will celebrate our uniqueness and Let the Sunshine in. I will invite you to come as you are. To take time for yourself and discover softness and learn again and again to trust the wisdom of our own body (Flowing). To explore the language of the bones, the inner fire, burning to be expressed and seen (Staccato). To let go of the burden of heavy shoulders and to find authenticity and to be true to your own vision, returning again and again to the discipline of letting go in order to invite more lightness (Chaos). It's summer time and the sun is high in the sky. I will invite you to open your hands more and more, so that light can enter your lungs, and to shine brightly, finding fresh creative vision. We will stop and listen to the words whispered in the invisible world of breath, feeling the divine spark of inspiration that we are (Stillness).

There will be enough time for swimming, eating delicious sea-food, driving with the boat, tasting great wine, enjoying free time, and getting that summer shine.

August 4th – August 8th 2021


Wednesday, August 4th, 19.00 - 21.30

Thursday, August 5th, 11.00 - 18.00*

Friday, August 6th, 11.00 - 18.00*

Saturday, August 7th, 11.00 - 18.00*

Sunday, August 8th, 10.30 - 17.00*

*1,5 - 2 hours lunch break

LOCATION: Hotel Delfin, Tomažičeva ulica 10, 6310 Izola

REGISTRATION: https://forms.gle/MaPyw6gwMhKSxcM88

INFORMATIONS: Anže, anze.bertoncelj@gmail.com, 00386 40 210 440.

LANGUAGE: english.

WORKSHOP PRICE: full – 375 €,

early birds until July 25th – 295 €,

working team – 210 € (limited places),

only Open Wave (sliding scale): 15 - 20 €*

*for participants of the Workshop, Open Wave is included into the price

Scholarships are available for those who need a discount – contact Martina through mail: martina_motl@yahoo.com


We reserved a beautifull place just for our group. It is located above Izola, just 8 min drive from our dancing hall. There is enought place to set your tent in the shadow of trees and to park the cars. On location there is smaller house with 10 basic beds, few showers and kitchen. There is place for gathering in the evenings, where we can hang out and enjoy the view on Izola from above. All of you, who will find yourself a private accommodation, are warmly welcome to join us on site in the evening by the fire.

MARTINA MOTL: I have 15 years of experience in teaching art, doing theatre work and practicing intuitive singing. For six years I have been leading regular weekly 5Rhythms dance classes, the Waves level. I lead workshops in Slovenia and abroad. I teach with passion and combine knowledge with inspiration. I am presently training for the Heartbeat level and I remain a committed student of the 5Rhythms practice. I am an accredited active member of international organisation 5Rhythms Global (www.5rhythms.com). Follow us on FB: Ples Ritmov Slovenija or join our group 5Rhythms Slovenia

This workshop counts as a 5-day Workshop if you are on the 5Rhythms teacher training path.

Without steps or choreography to learn - instead, learn to listen to ourselves and our body through dance, movement and breathing. Let's dance together!

Invite your friends to dance with you!

We meet you all on the dance floor!

5R Slovenia Team


Let's come together - 5-day outdoor festival - 5Rhythms and guests

Kranj - 18 Aug 2021 to 22 Aug 2021
Martina Motl - Anze Bertoncelj

Let’s come together

5-day outdoor festival

August 18th - August 22nd 2021

5Rhythms and guests

Preddvor near Kranj, Slovenia

“Is it right or wrong

Try to find a place

We can all belong?

Be as one… ”The Beloved

Open-air festival will be organised and connected by Martina and Anže and we will invite various renowned experts in the field of spirituality, with whom we will co-create the festival and provide you with a pleasant and deep experience.

The truth is one, and there are several paths to it. So we stepped together and put together a program for body, heart, mind, soul and spirit that will strengthen our immune system. We will spend 5 days in beautiful nature and in fresh air. We will complement each other in rhythm, energy and connection. The program allows you to get acquainted with various internationally recognized techniques, led by local, experienced experts with many years of pedagogical experiences in leading groups that will enrich and nourish you and activate a natural healer in you - that is, yourself.

The area along the river Kokra will support us with its immense beauty and healing vibration.

Welcome, Martina, Anže and the team

LOCATION: Preddvor near Kranj (you will receive more detailed location upon registration)

REGISTRATION: https://forms.gle/naNQyG3b6kZdV97Q9

INFORMATIONS: Anže, anze.bertoncelj@gmail.com, 0038640 210 440

LANGUAGE: Slovenian, with English translation

PRICE OF 5 DAY FESTIVAL: full - 350€

Early birds until August 8th - 265€


early birds until August 8th - 60€

* Daily visit is possible for the whole day, arrival is possible in the time allotted for registration, between 9 am and 10 am, later arrival is not possible. The price includes one night of camping, and is valid until the next day, until 10 am.

* There is a limited number of daily tickets available, priority will be given to visitors who will attend the entire festival.

WORKING TEAM PRICE: 100 EUR (limited places)

The arrival of the work team is one day earlier and the departure one day later.

Camping and food is free for the working team.

THE PRICE OF FOOD: 20€ / day, 100€ / for the whole camp

the price includes 3 meals. The food will be prepared for you by Anja Poznič.


is included in the price of the festival. There is enough space to set up tents and park cars. There is drinking water from the public water supply and electricity on site.

The festival is open to a limited number of participants, so don’t delay with your decision until the last minute and catch early registrations by August 8th!

August 18th - August 22nd


August 18th Wednesday


8.00-10.00 arrival of participants, setting up tents, registration

9.30-10.30 YOGA / experiential workshop with Maja Maselj

10.30-10.45 break

10.45-13.00 5RHYTHMS, FLOWING / experiential workshop with Martina Motl and Anže Bertoncelj

13.00-15.00 lunch time

15.00-17.00 EFT TECHNIQUE / experiential workshop

17.00-18.00 break

18.00-19.00 dinner time

19.00-20.30 BODY PAINTING / experiential workshop with Maruša Žemlja

20.30-21.00 break

21.00-22.00 socializing by the fire

August 19th Thursday


9.00-10.00 registration of participants and registration

9.30-10.30 YOGA / experiential workshop with Maja Maselj

10.30-10.45 break

10.45-13.00 5RHYTHMS, STACCATO / experiential workshop with Martina Motl and Anže Bertoncelj

13.00-15.00 lunch time

15.00-17.00 EFT TECHNIQUE / experiential workshop

17.00-18.00 break

18.00-19.00 dinner time

19.15-21.15 DRUMMING WITH ANDREJ ZOBARIČ / experiential workshop (16 drums available, if you have your own, please bring it with you and let us know so that we provide enough drums)

21.15-22.00 socializing by the fire

August 20th Friday


9.00-10.00 registration of participants and registration

9.30-10.30 YOGA / experiential workshop with Maja Maselj

10.30-10.45 break

10.45-13.00 BIODANZA / experiential workshop with Nataša Kern

13.00-15.00 lunch time

15.00-16.45 PAINTING WITH MARUŠA ŽEMLJA / experiential painting workshop with natural materials and group painting

16.45-17.00 break

17.00-18.45 5RHYTHMS, CHAOS / experiential workshop with Martina Motl and Anže Bertoncelj

18.45-19.15 break

19.15-21.00 SHAMANICA / concert of a music group

21.00-22.00 socializing by the fire

August 21st SaturdayREGULAR PROGRAM

9.00-10.00 registration of participants and registration

9.30-10.30 ACRO YOGA / experiential workshop with Živa Stojanovič

10.30-10.45 break

10.45-13.00 NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION / experiential workshop with Janja Otoničar

13.00-15.00 lunch time

15.00-17.00 CIRCUS WORKSHOP / experiential workshop with Živa Stojanovič

17.00-17.15 break

17.15-19.15 5RHYTHMS, LYRICAL / experiential workshop with Martina Motl and Anže Bertoncelj

19.15-19.30 break

19.30-21.30 SOUND BATH / experiential workshop with Helena Korošec

21.30-22.30 gathering by the fire and the closing circle

August 22nd Sunday


8.30-9.30 YOGA / experiential workshop with Maja Maselj

8.30-10.00 registration of participants and registration

9.30-11.30 MINDFULNESS / experiential workshop with Maja Bajt

10.30-10.45 break

11.30-13.30 TANTRA / experiential workshop with Denis Forte

13.30-15.00 lunch time

15.00-17.00 5RHYTHMS, STILLNESS / experiential workshop with Martina Motl and Anže Bertoncelj


There will be art stalls, creative workshops and individual services for individuals for which there will be time in the morning, during meals and during breaks.

** The organizer reserves the right to change the program.


Maestros Locales

Damjan Makovec Ljutomer Teaching Since: 2007 Baila desde: 2000

Más información y horarios
Anze Bertoncelj (Teacher In Training) Ljubljana   Baila desde: 2011

Más información y horarios
Martina Motl (Heartbeat In Training) Ljubljana Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2004

“Live what you teach and teach what you live. ”

Más información y horarios
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