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New Vision - celebration of the transition 2022/23 with Martina and Anze

Kranj - 30 Dec 2022 to 1 Jan 2023
Martina Motl - Anze Bertoncelj

 Movement practice of Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms®

Led by Martina Motl, Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher

and Anže Bertoncelj, Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher


Welcome to join us on an unforgettable 3-day retreat in Jezersko. Where the stars are bright, where there is a spring of mineral water and where mountains embrace you. A piece of beauty. At the end of the year, through movement, mindfulness, various creative techniques, rituals and supported by the 5Rhythms practice, we will look back with gratitude, dive into the empty space between inhalation and exhalation, celebrate life and look forward with a new vision and impetus to support our dreams.

For who is the workshop intended for? To everyone who likes to express themselves through movement and breath and would like to spend the New Year without alcohol and with awareness on breath, movement, and supported by a fresh vision. No previous experience in the 5Rhythms practice is necessary. If you can walk, you can dance.

Practical informations:

Hall: we will dance in a beautiful warm hall with a wooden floor, which is reserved only for our group. With a view of the snow-capped mountains.

Accommodation: two accommodations have been reserved, which are two minutes drive by car from the hall. Our hosts will be Pika and Tanja. There is also an alternative option of accommodation in the hall, on pillows and in your sleeping bag.

Food: breakfast with homemade teas and jams will be available for us in one house, there will also be a place for socializing, and for lunches we will stop by in a nearby inn or you can prepare your own food in the apartments, which are equipped with a kitchen. Do not delay your registration, as the number of places in the apartments is limited.

What the participants of the last year's New Vision said about the workshop:

"Martina, I like your way of guiding through the rhythms, your clarity, your wisdom, your peace." Sandra, Klagenfurt

"Dear Martina and Anže, endless thanks and tribute to everything you two gave us, encouraged in us and created with us. Magical, loving and powerful. It could have been different, actually no, it was perfect." Zvonka, Novo mesto

"Through the workshop I threw away everything old and with the help of very heartfelt, emotional and open support opened the door to new visions and consolidated them." Žan, Braslovče


Starts on Friday, 30th of December at 17.30 2022. Finishes on Sunday, 1st of January at 16.30. You will receive a detailed schedule upon registration.

LOCATION: Primary school Matija Valjavec, Zgornje Jezersko 62, 4206 Zgornje Jezersko

Jezersko is located 1 hour from Ljubljana, 1 hour 10 minutes from Klagenfurt, 2 hours from Trieste, 2 hours 10 minutes from Zagreb, 2 hours 15 minutes from Graz and 4 hours 10 minutes from Vienna. Airport Ljubljana is 35 minutes away. 

REGISTRATION: https://forms.gle/ChnQjD4g4QEExUfB7

INFORMATIONS: anze.bertoncelj@gmail.com, 0038640 210 440 (Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram)

WORKSHOP PRICE: full - 210 €

Early birds until November 30th - 180 €

For participants of continuous groups and our multi-day workshops, early birds until November 30th with a 15% discount – 153 €

Working team –100 € (limited numbers, with prior agreement)

Only Open Wave: 20 €*

*for participants of the Workshop, Open Wave is included into the price


Double bed apartment (90 € per night, the price is divided between roommates)

4-bed apartment (130-140 € per night, the price is divided between roommates)

5-bed apartment (150 € per night, the price is divided between roommates)

6-bed apartment (150 € per night, the price is divided between roommates)

On pillows, in your own sleeping bag (10 € per night)

Meal order: breakfast – 8 €

Lunch/dinner – 16-20 €

Surcharge: tourist tax – 2 € per night

Martina and Anže are members of the International Association of 5Rhythms Teachers (www.5Rhythms Global). Martina has 17 years of experience teaching art, working in the theater and with intuitive singing. For the ninth year in a row, she leads regular weekly classes in Ljubljana, leads multi-day workshops in Slovenia and abroad. She teaches with passion, combining knowledge and inspiration. This year, she completed the training for the level of working with emotions (Heartbeat) and remains a dedicated student of the 5Rhythms practice.

Anže has been dancing 5Rrhythms for more than eight years, and for four years in a row he leads regular weekly classes in Ljubljana. In 2021, he completed training for a 5Rhythm teacher, Waves level. He is a social worker by profession, with a degree in Family Constellations. He is in love with football, mountains, travels and dives into cold water. Anže and Martina are dedicated researchers of the 5Rhythms method and are in love with life.

Created by Gabrielle Roth and practiced by thousands worldwide, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and a dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching across all languages, cultures and age groups to transform suffering into art, art into awareness, and awareness into action. Wherever the 5Rhythms are practiced, a community is born to dance, to sweat, to change, to support, and to provide a safe space for each of us to shatter the ego’s hold and awaken the juicy, unpredictable, fascinating, edge-walking, rock star part of ourselves that yearns to be free.

Creativity. Connection. Community.

This workshop counts towards 5R Teacher Training pre-requisites, 3 days Waves level.

LANGUAGE: Slovenian/English



Ljubljana - 24 Mar 2023 to 26 Mar 2023
Silvija Tomcik


5Rhythms Heartbeat Workshop

led by Silvija Tomčik

LJUBLJANA 24-26.03.2023.

There is a part of our mind that is wired and conditioned to seek permission. As we grow up we seek the permission from the outside, and in our maturity it comes the time to start giving ourselves that permission from the inside. Permission to be ourselves. Permission to move. Permission to feel. Permission to breathe so we can co-create with great mystery our own life experiences, and so there is less space for blame and excuses. Being able to feel and express so many different emotions is what makes the human experience so astonishing. Giving yourself permission to fully experience whatever state you may be in is one of the most cathartic, purifying things you can do. Emotions are important messengers that give us the answers we long for. 

We will immerse deeper into the Flowing Rhythm that supports us in giving ourselves the permission to be and to follow that being. We will find our roots deeper in the Courage that can ground any fear we have, especially the fear to feel our hearts.

“Sometimes, all you need is permission to feel. Sometimes, what causes the most pain is actually the attempt to resist feeling, or the shame that grows up like thorns around it.” Olivia Laing

Silvija Tomčik, Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher (Waves (2001) and Heartbeat (2010) level) and Member of the Teaching Staff of 5Rhythms® Global. Silvija first started by producing 5Rhythms workshops in Croatia, and has now been teaching this practice for the last 19 years. She brings her passion in a grounded way, teaching in clear and imaginative directions, blending humour with wisdom.

“Your dedication is inspiring. Your passion is infectious. Your aliveness awakens. Your spirit calls us into the deeper mystery.”Karoliina Valointaval, 5Rhythms Teacher


Maestros Locales

Anze Bertoncelj Ljubljana   Baila desde: 2011

““The dance is not where we lose ourselves. But where we find ourselves.” Gabrielle Roth”

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Martina Motl Ljubljana Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2004

“Live what you teach and teach what you live. ”

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Damjan Makovec Ljutomer Teaching Since: 2007 Baila desde: 2000

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